Thursday, 19 February 2015

Week 1 in the Argentina Missionary Training Centre

Hey everyone! I have arrived safe and sound and had a really really looooooooong week! But good!

I dont have much time so I am gonna copy and paste from my family email.

The first 3 days were so hard, for the first time in my life I actuallly got jet lag, so I just sat up awake during the night feeling homesick and durring the days I was so nauseous that I could barely eat. Day 2 the MTC presidents wife was with me and I got to skip class and just sleep coz I was not so good.

My companion Hermana Henriquez is from the south of Argentina, she is really nice and we get along great, she is going to Paraguay. Shes a real trickster and we have a lot of fun together but is really easily distracted which can be a little frustrating in class. She was in the middle of teaching a mock lesson the other days and goes "Woah look there's a helicopter!" and went completely off track haha. It took a bit of getting used to having to have someone with me all the time, I am used to being very independent, but I am learning patience and consideration haha.
 I am in a class full of south amercians so I am a little behind because I dont know how to teach in spanish! It is so frustrating to have all the words in my head and not know how to say them. I can have a conversation no problem but I have never had to teach about the church in spanish before, so I have a lot to learn. But my teachers are great and really supportive. I understand everything that is said to me now and people laugh at my spanish accent haha. I was made the zone leader, which was strange since I am a girl and had only been here one day haha. I think the President Willis chose me because I can speak both Spanish and English so i can keep everyone in line haha. I sometimes get fought over by the other missionaries because they all need translaters haha.

Today I left the traiing centre for the first time with 16 other missionaries to go and do my visa. We were in the outskirts of Buenos Aires and it is SOOOOOO dirty!! The air is like how it was on the underground in london, smoggy and dusty and my shoes are completely BLACK. It was such a strange place, there will be this beautiful european looking old building (that is black from the filth though) and then right beside it an apartment building that is literally collapsing in from the top and there are still people living there! Then there will be this falling to pieces main street with expensive NY type electronic billboards on the sides. Its really strange.

The MTC is beautiful though, clean and out my bedroom window is the Buenos Aires Temple across a street. I went into the temple today and it is BEAUTIFUL. The MTC is inside a kinda mini town, its where the President of the MTC and the temple live, they both have really lovely white houses and theres a hotel for members to come and stay to go to the temple and a few shops. 
Our days are crazy! We get up at 6, have breakfast at 7, then we are in class from 8 until 12 when we have lunch then in class 1 until 3, we then get an hour and a half of sport time and are back in class all dressed nicely again by 5, dinner is 6:30 and then we have class from 7:30 until 9:30. It is so intense we all just collapse into bed at 10:30 which is lights out. But I am learning a lot! I feel my testimony of the church growing each day and my love for just everyone in general, I am completely terrified to get out into the mission field, but I leave the MTC with all the south americans on tuesday! ;O

Love and miss you all!
Thanks for the loads of emails! I dont have time to email you all personally but know they all made me smile after what has seemed like the longest week of my life (but in a kinda good way haha)

Hermana Wilson

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