Monday, 26 October 2015

Nahuel´s Baptism


So the rainbow always comes after the rain right? RIGHT!

This week was great after wednesday!

I was on some painkillers that made me loopy and that was halarious for everyone in the offices Tuesday, I turned up and everything was happening in slow motion and I was saying whatever came into my head and then fell asleep on the sofa in the offices and they called a car to take me home haha. I slept the rest of the day and decided not to take those pills anymore haha.

Wednesday I had a meeting with the President of the mission and well, theyre not sending me home so thats a bonus haha. He is fantastic! Actually everyone here is fantastic. I think that in some ways it was a blessing to have been so sick last weekend because I was really made to see how much everyone here really loves and cares for each other. 
From my companion who was there the whole time comforting me and translating and making phone calls to everyone. The Zone leaders who ran our baptism since we couldnt be there and the Assistants who were with us i the hospital until 3am, the other Elders who we sent to get my ID but also got my clothes, pijamas and even my teddy and some socks and a wollen hat haha, so that I would be comfotable in the hospital, and they call all the time to check on me. President and Hna Thurgood who went on our behalf to our baptism, kept in contact with my parents, picked us up from the hopital, call me all the time. The office staff who went and picked up the medicines and vitamins that I needed. Members of the church who have been brought us lunch to the house each day until I was back on my feet and called all the time to see how I was doing. All the other Hermanas that have been an amazing help and support.

This mission and this church really is a great big family who love and look out for each other and I am so greatful for all they have done.

We had another baptism in the ward this Saturday, Nahuel who is great boy the elders have been teaching but we have been visiting him too and so he asked us to speak at his baptism which was a real privelege! 

We found 6 new people to teach on thursday and friday! I was a true miracle, we were really pleased!

Its the last week of the month and we are super poor which is really halarious, I always entend to manage my allowance super well, but something always happens! Like I have an alergic reaction and have to buy medicine or we have to buy lunch for some reason haha. And my companion has a pastries addiciton which is breaking her bank haha. But we are blessed! Because every day this week we have lunch with members so we dont have to have any food, just breakfast and a snack for dinner haha. #RoughingIt

I dont have much more time to write today, but I hope youre all well and know I love you loads!

Here´s a photo of Nahuel´s baptism and of our fridge loaded with food! Check out how milk is here, it is sold in bags and then it goes in a little plastic thing to pour it. 

Hermana Wilson

Monday, 19 October 2015

Fun times....

Almost a great week!

Almost a great week!


I had a fantastic week with a horrible ending, it was almost my favourtite week in the mission!

Monday after I wrote we played capture the flag at the chapel with the other missionaries and it was so much fun, my team won!
Then after our investigator had his baptismal interview and he passed as we new he would.

We also had exchanges this week so I went to stay with Hna Felderman for a night and we had a great time. Then when we met up with our companions we were talking about what we had learnt and Hna Llanquinao said, "Well Hna Small told me I need to be more attentive to the whereabouts of my companion, I would be walking and then relise she was a block away, or behind some people or something haha" So we decided to work on that. Then the train arrives and I get in the train and look around for my companion and she isnt there! I went into a panic! I felt like  child lost in the supermarket! I am hoping that she got on the train and I jsut cant see her and so when I arrived in Burzaco I jumped off and there she was haha. She apparently said to me. "lets get into the other carriage, that one is really full" and then ran off to get in the other one without checking I had followed her. JUST after we had been talking bout being more attentive haha.

Because we have a big appartment now we are going to have lots of sleepover parties, becuse our appartment is a few blocks from immigrations where each week missionaries go to do their visa stuff. This week Hna Flake and Hna Analoca came to stay the night and we ate pancakes and empanadas and had a great time. Hna Flake is good friends with the girl who is going to marry my buddy and ex-missionary Connor this coming weekend (Shout out to Connor and Shelly!) So we took some photos for them.

Saturday morning we cleaned and began to fill the baptism font for Giuliano´s baptism that evening and then we left it filling and went to visit some people. At about 4pm as we were walking I felt like someone had stabbed me in the chest, it lasted about 5 seconds and so I didnt worry too much about it. We arrived at an investigators house and in the middle of the lesson I began to have really bad chest pains, everyone began to panic and so they rang our mission doctor and he said to go right to the hospital, so we called a taxi and headed there. We arrived and I was screaming and crying by this point so they gave me an adrenaline shot in case it was an elergic reaction and 2 other injections in the bottom of my spine and then had me wait for half an hour in observation to see if it worked. It didnt work so they sedated me and decided to give me medicine through a drip IV. We had been there about 4 hours by the time they had the drip in. I was sweating a lot and crying so I was really dehydrated and they couldnt find a vien. The assistants to the president arrived and Elder Andrew stayed with me for a while so my companion could take a break and the poor guy is really not cool with people in pain or with needles so as they were putting in the IV he got all faint and sat down on the floor haha. He gave me a blessing and then sent Hna Llanquinoa back in. It took a while for the medicine to kick in and the "House Elders" AKA Pensioneros came and got our house keys and went and got me some pijamas and my ID. At about 2am they officially admitted me to the hospital and gave me an x-ray and some other tests. President Thurgood arrived at about 3am, he and his wife had been in Uraguay for the week for a meeting and so he was pretty tired, he picked up the elders and took them home. Its  privet hospital and so my room was really nice, I had my own room and it was really big. They kept me sedated and with fluids and a morphine/anti-inglamatory mix all night and at about 8am the next day I had an ultra-sound and heart ECG. And I watched some of the rugby world cup on TV... REBEL

We were really sad that we missed Giulianos Baptism but President and Hna Thurgood went on our behalf and some of the office staff. President spoke and played the piano and the elders in our area made sure everything went well.
Sunday the elders came to bring us the sacrement and that evening they released me with pain killers and president thurgood took us home.

They still dont know what happened, i am still having the occational sharp pain but its no where near as bad as saturday-sunday morning. This week they are going to do more tests if the pain doesnt go away in a few days. But all the results came back fine.
So Im happy, just really tired and bruised from so many needles. I wsa looked after really well by the 4 elders there and my companion and president and all the doctors.
Poor Hna Llanquinao is more broken than I am, I slept because I was sedated but she was there in a chair all night. When we got home she went to bed at about 6pm until 9am the next day!! 

Thanks for your prayers,

Love you all!

Hna Wilson

Monday, 12 October 2015


Ice Cream! yum!

Fwd: Sapita! Baptisms! And cakes for all!

Hola everyone!

I have finally accepted that I am just not going to have a normal week here in the beautiful Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission! haha

This week my hay fever really went crazy and I woke up with  frog face, my eyes were so swollen, it was not cool. Im on a new medicine now that stops me from suffering too much but doesnt completely get rid of the symptoms.My new nickname is Sapita which means little frog haha. Ill attach a photo of my eyes just before all the syptoms were gone, the other photo is too traumatic haha.

This week I made a delish birthday cake for my awesome companion Hermana Llanquinao who turned 20! We had balloons, cake and visited a few members, it was a nice day for her although it was also a normal working day. I am glad my birthday was on PDay!

Hna Lanquinao recieved some bad news last monday from her family. Her sister burnt her leg and was in the hospital, he sister is alergic to a type of medicine and the doctors knew that but gave her that medicine by accident and her organs began to swell up and she went into cardian arest. Thankfully they were able to revive her and she is now well and back at home. 

My old zone leader Elder Palacios has been having problems with his knee for a while now and monday he was sent home. He only had 4 months left of his mission and is from here in Argentina so he was Released With Honor durring the zone activity on Monday, so half way through the activity he was no longer Elder Palacios, but Pablo Palacios. Was a weird change so we called him Pablito Palacios haha. 

One ofthe funny moments this week was when the elders in our area asked us if we could visit some of their investigators who are women and they cant teach them without a male present and theres never a male. So GPS Elder Polus sent us all over Burzaco with his campion directions.... Yeah we spent 2 hours searching for a house and eventually found one that had, as he said: "A green fence, 2 old cars outsite and is on the corner" we knocked and an old lady cae out who tried to convince usto buy a washing line... yeah it wasnt her. We were dying of thirst and saw a man gardening and looked at each other and Hna Llanquinao says "Theres shame in robbing not in asking Hermana Wilson!" So we went and asked for water and met him and his wife and had a juice and lesson with them haha.
2 days later we gotlsot again visiting one of the elders investigators, hanks to GPS Powlus, he owes us big time! 

Saturday our ward had 3 baptisms! Alexis who is 10, Toby who is 8 and Miriam who is an adult. The elders were goofing around before and put on baptism dressed haha.
It was such a special experience! Elder Polus baptised all three and it really felt like we were at the waters of Mormon haha. We have another baptism this coming saturday, 13 year old Guiliano! He is awesome, his dad died when he was young and lives with his mum, we met him because his uncle is a member and he came to play soccer at the church. He´s had the lessons for a while now but we invited him to baptism 3 weeks ago. I asked him on Saturday why he wants to be baptised and he said without even thinking about it: "Because I want to recieve the girft of the Holy Ghost to guide me." It was so incredible to hear him say that with such conviction! His uncle is going to baptise him on Saturday, today he has his interview.

Thats all for this week! Hope you are all doing well, I loveto hear from you all, even when I dont reply!


Hermana Wilson

P.S A quote I heard this week which I liked very much: "Our youth need less critics and more examples to follow." 

Monday, 5 October 2015

Re: Photos

Heres me in my apron when I first bought it. 

On Mon, Oct 5, 2015 at 1:00 PM, Micaella Wilson <> wrote:
A couple of cute cleaning photos haha

The house was super gross! I cleaned and then baked a cake wearing my new apron haha, some things dont change right? haha #LoveAprons

New Apartment! General Conference! and Inspiring Investigators!

Well on tuesday we moved into our new apartment!! Yay, but when I say move in I mean we took our clothes and our mattresses and that´s it haha.
Camping in our little house! It is so nice, it is a little house! I would be happy to have it as my first house haha. We were joking that it is nicer than our houses are gonna be when we are first married haha.

Wednesday we got a microwave and we got to go shopping for all the new stuff, but we didnt get beds or desks or afridge until thursday haha. We were eating out every day so now we are super poor haha. 

The most beautiful part of getting a new house was when the Elders dropped us off there and we all kneeled down and Elder Bavelas blessed the house. I was feeling a little scared to sleep in an empty house but it was such a beautiful blessing given with so much love for us and the missionaries that would live there in the future that after I felt completely safe. The spirit is strong in our house:)
Plus there are 5 keys needed to get in haha, 3 doors down a passageway and then the one into our patio and the one into the hosue. We are litterally very safe there haha. 

I loved General Conference this weekend! It was great to listen to the inspiring words of our dear prophet and apostles. I got to watch it in English this time, in the mission offices with all the Americans and we had a great time. I love hearing the voices of the apostles rather than the translater so I was happy to see it in english. Ive attached a few of my favourite quotes :)

I had the honor and priviledge this week to have lunch with an inspiring woman called Vanessa. She is an investigator that the Elders in our ward are teaching and she invited us to lunch. I have never met anyone with such a pure desire to be baptised to follow Christ and to share her joy with all around her. She has had a few problems which mean she cant be baptised for about 2 more months and has been faithfully waiting for about 4 months now. She shared with us her story and told us how she used to mock her family for their devotion to God and this gospel, she didnt understand why they were always at church and always talking about the things they were learning, she would get frustrated at how their answer to EVERY problem had a spiritual tone and she had no desire to listen to the missionaries. But one day she saw the missionaries walking past in the rain and decided that she should let them in to keep out of the rain. They taught her and she began to see and feel the truth of their message. She said she is like her family now, always at the church activities and wanting to share this truth with her children and so unbelievable joyful and at peace with the world with this new understanding that she has. I felt the truth of what she was saying and was reminded of how I felt when I was taught this life changing truth by faithful friends and missionaries. Vanessa reminded me why I am here in Argentina! To share the joy that I have, a joy I found when I didnt even know I was looking for it. And reminded me that even those who really think they are not interested, who really think they have all they need in their lives can find the completness every soul searches for, when they imbrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I hope that you are all well, I love you all dearly and truly appreciate your love and support!