Monday, 19 October 2015

Almost a great week!


I had a fantastic week with a horrible ending, it was almost my favourtite week in the mission!

Monday after I wrote we played capture the flag at the chapel with the other missionaries and it was so much fun, my team won!
Then after our investigator had his baptismal interview and he passed as we new he would.

We also had exchanges this week so I went to stay with Hna Felderman for a night and we had a great time. Then when we met up with our companions we were talking about what we had learnt and Hna Llanquinao said, "Well Hna Small told me I need to be more attentive to the whereabouts of my companion, I would be walking and then relise she was a block away, or behind some people or something haha" So we decided to work on that. Then the train arrives and I get in the train and look around for my companion and she isnt there! I went into a panic! I felt like  child lost in the supermarket! I am hoping that she got on the train and I jsut cant see her and so when I arrived in Burzaco I jumped off and there she was haha. She apparently said to me. "lets get into the other carriage, that one is really full" and then ran off to get in the other one without checking I had followed her. JUST after we had been talking bout being more attentive haha.

Because we have a big appartment now we are going to have lots of sleepover parties, becuse our appartment is a few blocks from immigrations where each week missionaries go to do their visa stuff. This week Hna Flake and Hna Analoca came to stay the night and we ate pancakes and empanadas and had a great time. Hna Flake is good friends with the girl who is going to marry my buddy and ex-missionary Connor this coming weekend (Shout out to Connor and Shelly!) So we took some photos for them.

Saturday morning we cleaned and began to fill the baptism font for Giuliano´s baptism that evening and then we left it filling and went to visit some people. At about 4pm as we were walking I felt like someone had stabbed me in the chest, it lasted about 5 seconds and so I didnt worry too much about it. We arrived at an investigators house and in the middle of the lesson I began to have really bad chest pains, everyone began to panic and so they rang our mission doctor and he said to go right to the hospital, so we called a taxi and headed there. We arrived and I was screaming and crying by this point so they gave me an adrenaline shot in case it was an elergic reaction and 2 other injections in the bottom of my spine and then had me wait for half an hour in observation to see if it worked. It didnt work so they sedated me and decided to give me medicine through a drip IV. We had been there about 4 hours by the time they had the drip in. I was sweating a lot and crying so I was really dehydrated and they couldnt find a vien. The assistants to the president arrived and Elder Andrew stayed with me for a while so my companion could take a break and the poor guy is really not cool with people in pain or with needles so as they were putting in the IV he got all faint and sat down on the floor haha. He gave me a blessing and then sent Hna Llanquinoa back in. It took a while for the medicine to kick in and the "House Elders" AKA Pensioneros came and got our house keys and went and got me some pijamas and my ID. At about 2am they officially admitted me to the hospital and gave me an x-ray and some other tests. President Thurgood arrived at about 3am, he and his wife had been in Uraguay for the week for a meeting and so he was pretty tired, he picked up the elders and took them home. Its  privet hospital and so my room was really nice, I had my own room and it was really big. They kept me sedated and with fluids and a morphine/anti-inglamatory mix all night and at about 8am the next day I had an ultra-sound and heart ECG. And I watched some of the rugby world cup on TV... REBEL

We were really sad that we missed Giulianos Baptism but President and Hna Thurgood went on our behalf and some of the office staff. President spoke and played the piano and the elders in our area made sure everything went well.
Sunday the elders came to bring us the sacrement and that evening they released me with pain killers and president thurgood took us home.

They still dont know what happened, i am still having the occational sharp pain but its no where near as bad as saturday-sunday morning. This week they are going to do more tests if the pain doesnt go away in a few days. But all the results came back fine.
So Im happy, just really tired and bruised from so many needles. I wsa looked after really well by the 4 elders there and my companion and president and all the doctors.
Poor Hna Llanquinao is more broken than I am, I slept because I was sedated but she was there in a chair all night. When we got home she went to bed at about 6pm until 9am the next day!! 

Thanks for your prayers,

Love you all!

Hna Wilson

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