Monday, 27 July 2015


Hey all! 

This week went really fast! Was that just me? I feel like I just wrote you all yesterday!

Monday evening something weird happened to my foot, it just got really sore and swelled up so we were worried that I ha broken it, coz I tripped earlier that day (and 5 more times this week to my companions delight). So we were praying so hard that it would be okay in the morning so we didnt have to go to the hospital and then when I woke up tuesday it was like nothing had ever happened!

We had interviews with President on Wednesday, President it just the best. His wife bought us peanut butter sandwhiches which was like christmas all over again! Peanut butter is a rarety here. President said some really lvoely things to me about how pleased he is with my work here and that was really nice of him. 

Then after we had intercambios, the Sister Training Leader came to see how I was doing and I had to go a whole night without seeing Hermana Rodriguez, broke my heart! But she brought me presents when she returned! chocolate and a Tangled notebook coz we love Tangled haha. 
The trainer said I am way cool haha. We chatted all night (Untill 11pm, super late! haha) shes lovely, she is from everywhere, he dad is in the army and they travel every 3 years, shes lived in 4 different states and Italy and now they are in England. 

On friday we had Asado (BBQ) with some of our investigators Ely and Choco and they served us cow intestine. There was NO WAY I was going to eat that, just no! But then my companion convinced me to try it haha. It was kinda like eating a rubber tube... At least I can say I tried it! Ill add it to the list along side blood sausage, kidney and tongue. A lot of people eat brain here, that is too far for me, I wont be eating any frontal lobe or any other lobe while I am here haha.

The sad news of the week is that our darling little investigator Selene, who is 10 and was to be baptised the coming week is in the hospital. She decided to cook herself some fried chips while her mum was asleep and spilt a pot of hot oil down her leg, her skin stuck to her leggings and so when she took them off she skinned her thigh and its pretty bad. We saw her the day it happened and she was of really good spirits, more worried about alll the other patients than about herself. We took her some presents and prayed with her and brought some priesthood holders to give her a blessing which was a really spiritual moment, she was so grateful and I just felt so much love in that room. It was one of the most spiritual moments of my mission. We have seen her almost every day since it happened and she is doing really well. She showed us her leg and it is really, really nasty. Poor thing! Prayers for Selene De Rosa please!

Today we had a district activity but the whole zone turned up. We went bowling and guess what! I lost AGAIN! The zone actually all screamed and cheered when I hit just a few of the pins, I got like 28 point over all, out of 100. It was sad, but funny for everyone else. I got one spare and the whole zone started singing haha. 

Today I almost died laughing when my companion was cleaning the bidet (we never use it thank goodness) and she said "what does this tap do?" and turns it on and the water sprayed right into her face! It was so funny that I cried haha. Hna Rodriguez is still awesome, she finds it hard to get up in the morning so this week I get to wake her up with water and a pillow fight, its going to be fun. 

Love you all! Yes really! Yes, loads!

Hermana Wilson

1. Bowling
2. I am learning piano! I can read the music now, just gotta match it to the keys haha
3. With Selene while she was at home for a bit.
4. My new sun glasses haha

Monday, 20 July 2015

Merry Christmas

This week was great! We werent sick!!

Our Zone meeting on Tuesday was EPIC! Normally zone meeting is boring and we just sit at the table and learn stuff. But we played this cool game it is impossible to explain but we were running all over the place and it ended with a lolly scramble. Our Zone leader Elder Brush is just really happy ALL THE TIME, I dont know how he does it. He is a Marine and has to keep in shape in the mission and so he gets up 2 hours early every day to do exersize, he is rock! I dont know how he has the energy to be so crazy!

 Elder Bush is obsessed with Christmas and since I also really love christmas (Got that from Mummy) I fueled the fire and we got our whole zone singing christmas songs at zone meeting and today my companion and I and a few others had  little christmas haha. It was loads of fun! I made cookies, obviously! But I burnt the first batch haha
And the Elders got us some cool gifts, it was really nice of them haha.
 All the zone turned up at 11am and we played Soccer (I watched obviously) and watched Tangled! I love that movie! It is a very "Trunky" (makes you think of home) movie for missionaries, whenever there was anytihn romantic everyone was teasing the Assistant, Elder Peterson, because he is going home in a few weeks haha. It was really funny. 

We went and visited president and Hermana Thurgood to steal the DVD (they have a huge collection of Disney movies in their house) and had a chat with them, it was really weird to just be in their house looking at movies in our jeans and T-shirts. Hermana Thurgood said we are gonna celebrate my birthday in a month and she gave us Kit Kats that her children brought her from the states. I love them so much! We see them again on Wednesday because we have interviews with President. 

We didnt have hot water in the bathroom for a few days this week, its was not cool! Something broke, I didnt understand what the repair man was saying so I just nodded and agreed, some rubber thing broke... But year we were showering with a bucket of water from the kitchen and it was quite funny. Then just when it got fixed the light above our study area exploded and the whole thing fell from the ceiling. We rang the Pensioneros and said "We saw a pillar of light exactly above our heads, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon us." and they just about died of laughter. (Mormons will get it) . It still isnt fixed, so studying at night =picnic time in the kitchen. 

Love you all!
The Church Is True!
Have a good week!!

Hermana Wilson


photo companion and I

photo our zone christmas



Photos: Me and all my healthy food! My companion and I with our hats on all ready for the weather. My companions food.... she isnt very healthy! haha. My part of the cupboard is the part with crackers, oats and peanut butter haha

Roller Coaster!

Greetings All!

The week started off great with a really good family home evening with two of our recent converts and one of our investigators. We gave the lesson and since it was also a girls night we decided to teach about The Perfect Man haha. We used examples of people from the scriptures who were good examples of the men we should be with and had a halarious time making lists of good qualities haha. We decided that other that Jesus Christ, Moroni from the Book of Mormon looked like a pretty good candidate hahaha #MormonHumor. The scriptures Alma 48:11-13, 17 were mostly what we talked about haha. 

Our investigator Selene who is 10 cam running up to us the other day saying that she recieved her answer and wanted to be baptised August 1st!  We have been teaching her a while and are really excited for her. 

Thursday at 12am I woke up vomiting which was not cool! Anyone who knows me will know that I would rather break my leg than be vomiting. I was not empressed since last week I had the flu and I have already had a tummy bug in the mission. 
I eat fairly well, but the higiene standards here arent very high and we are outside all day so it is not really surprising that I keep getting sick here, I bought some vitamins today and the mission has just annouced that they will reemburse fruit and vegetables up to a certain amount, so I went on a health food shopping spree, which should help me not get sick again. 

It was not cool that I was sick that day especially because it was Argentina Independence Day and we missed the ward activity :( But probably for the best since theyre celebrating the day they were freed from Spain and my companion is Spanish haha

We had a training this week for new missionaries (my comp) and their trainers (me!) with president and it was such a good day! President always talks a lot about pride and humility and it really motivated me. 

As missionaries we dont put the name of Jesus Christ on our chests nd get sent out as servants of God so we can take a bow, shake some hands and glory in praise. At least we really shouldnt!
We put on that badge, roll up our selves and get to work, understanding that the higher the calling/position the higher the servive. In Mark 10:44-45 it says "And whosoever of you will be the chiefest shall be servant of all. For even the son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a randsome for many". Its not likely that I will sacrifice my life for this cause as did Jesus Chirst and many of his apostles. But I hope that I can sacrifice a humble 18 months as a servant for all. If I bring one thing back from this 18 months I want it to be humility. There is a quote by Dieter F Uchtdorf that really explains humility to me,
 "Some suppose that humility is about beating ourselves up. Humility does not mean convincing ourselves that we are worthless, meaningless or of little value. Nor does it mean denying or withholding the talents God has given us. We dont discover humilty by thinking less OF ourselves, we discover humility by thinking less ABOUT ourselves.. It comes as we go about serving God and our fellowmen.
I was thinking a lot about pride this week. How many of the worlds problems and family and relationship problems would be solved if we were all a little more humble. Quicker to say sorry and to ask for help, slower to think about ourselves and quicker to help others without expecting a reward or praise. 
The answer is serving others! And LOVE, pure LOVE! I think theres a song about that somewhere... If there is not, there should be!

I hope that you all have a great week!

Monday, 6 July 2015

Fwd: Annoucing the arrival of my first daughter.....

Annoucing the arrival of my first daughter.....

On tuesday we went to the mission home for our new companions.... and at 4pm I welcomed my first daughter to the Mission Field. Hermana Rodriguez from Barcelona Spain! She is great! We get along really well! Her brother served his mission in Australia Perth! 

She has a lot of adjusting to do and we were both sick with the flu this week so it has been a rough first week for her. But we have a busy week this week!

I dont have anything super exciting to report really... Except we almost caught our flat on fire lighting some candles and putting them in a glass jar that then shattered, that was quite excting haha.

Today I finish the the 3 gospels in the bible for the first time (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and I really have enjoyed learning more about the life of Jesus Christ. I can see how it has helped me a lot as a missionary and a person. Here we see a lot of poverty and ruined families and we hear about the real dificulties that the people here face. As a missionary we really see what a difference the gospel can make in the lives of families who embrace it. Even the families who seem so perfect from the outside. 
Our recent converts Agustina and Lorena are really a true model of this, they both had harsh lives and when they embraced the gospel they have found real happiness and a new sence of self worth. They let go of the habits that were harming their lives and in such a short amount of time I have seen them both change so much! 
I was so pleased to here that Balta, a man that I began teaching with Hna Orgill in Olmos, was baptised last week! It made me so happy!!

Hermana Rodriguez and I are ready to work! I have 13 months left here to give my soul, mind, heart and strength to these people and I hope that when I go home I will be able to say that I made a diference in the lives of these people and in the process became a better person.

Thank you all for your love and support!

Hermana Wilson