Monday, 27 July 2015


Hey all! 

This week went really fast! Was that just me? I feel like I just wrote you all yesterday!

Monday evening something weird happened to my foot, it just got really sore and swelled up so we were worried that I ha broken it, coz I tripped earlier that day (and 5 more times this week to my companions delight). So we were praying so hard that it would be okay in the morning so we didnt have to go to the hospital and then when I woke up tuesday it was like nothing had ever happened!

We had interviews with President on Wednesday, President it just the best. His wife bought us peanut butter sandwhiches which was like christmas all over again! Peanut butter is a rarety here. President said some really lvoely things to me about how pleased he is with my work here and that was really nice of him. 

Then after we had intercambios, the Sister Training Leader came to see how I was doing and I had to go a whole night without seeing Hermana Rodriguez, broke my heart! But she brought me presents when she returned! chocolate and a Tangled notebook coz we love Tangled haha. 
The trainer said I am way cool haha. We chatted all night (Untill 11pm, super late! haha) shes lovely, she is from everywhere, he dad is in the army and they travel every 3 years, shes lived in 4 different states and Italy and now they are in England. 

On friday we had Asado (BBQ) with some of our investigators Ely and Choco and they served us cow intestine. There was NO WAY I was going to eat that, just no! But then my companion convinced me to try it haha. It was kinda like eating a rubber tube... At least I can say I tried it! Ill add it to the list along side blood sausage, kidney and tongue. A lot of people eat brain here, that is too far for me, I wont be eating any frontal lobe or any other lobe while I am here haha.

The sad news of the week is that our darling little investigator Selene, who is 10 and was to be baptised the coming week is in the hospital. She decided to cook herself some fried chips while her mum was asleep and spilt a pot of hot oil down her leg, her skin stuck to her leggings and so when she took them off she skinned her thigh and its pretty bad. We saw her the day it happened and she was of really good spirits, more worried about alll the other patients than about herself. We took her some presents and prayed with her and brought some priesthood holders to give her a blessing which was a really spiritual moment, she was so grateful and I just felt so much love in that room. It was one of the most spiritual moments of my mission. We have seen her almost every day since it happened and she is doing really well. She showed us her leg and it is really, really nasty. Poor thing! Prayers for Selene De Rosa please!

Today we had a district activity but the whole zone turned up. We went bowling and guess what! I lost AGAIN! The zone actually all screamed and cheered when I hit just a few of the pins, I got like 28 point over all, out of 100. It was sad, but funny for everyone else. I got one spare and the whole zone started singing haha. 

Today I almost died laughing when my companion was cleaning the bidet (we never use it thank goodness) and she said "what does this tap do?" and turns it on and the water sprayed right into her face! It was so funny that I cried haha. Hna Rodriguez is still awesome, she finds it hard to get up in the morning so this week I get to wake her up with water and a pillow fight, its going to be fun. 

Love you all! Yes really! Yes, loads!

Hermana Wilson

1. Bowling
2. I am learning piano! I can read the music now, just gotta match it to the keys haha
3. With Selene while she was at home for a bit.
4. My new sun glasses haha

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