Monday, 30 November 2015

Hna Mitchell and I selfie and my mug gift

Hna Mitchell and I in the temple, shes so funny, she said "Oh Hna Wilson, can you believe we have never even taken a selfie, lets take one now while we are pretty haha

It´s ALMOST Christmas!!

Hey all!!

This was a pretty good week!

Monday the Zone Activity was AWESOME! It began as Capture the flag with wet sponges being thrown to get people out and naturally ended in a huge water fight! We all got completely soaked, anyone who wasnt drenched was dragged out of the chapel onto the grass and we all just threw buckets of water over them and hosed them haha. It was really quite funny! We finished eating cookies and drying off in the sun. 

Tuesday we went to the temle as a zone. It was so lovely to be able to go in and do a session with the zone, President and Hna Thurgood and The Mitchells (Couple who work in the offices.) We then has lunch in the hostal and then a zone conference there. It was a great day! 
We headed home and went out to work quickly because some sisters were going to be arriving to stay over because they had to do visa stuff and the immigrations office is here in Burzaco. 
My companion didnt put on her bike helmet and as we were heading home she fell off and hit her head really bad. Thankfully we were close to our ward mission leaders house and he took us to the hospital. She had a hugely swollen head and I was in a right panic! Feeling really responsible since I hadnt made sure she was wearing her helmet. They did some tests and everything was fine so we went home. Hna Sprull who was on of the sisters who stayed over is Hna Llanquinaos trainer so it was nice she was there. Hna Batista and Hna Llanquinao went to bed pretty early and Hna Sprull and I got to talking and when we looked at the clock thinking it was about 12am it was 4:30am!! Ooops!

The rest of the week went pretty normal, we are on foot until the bike gets fixed. 

Yesterday was the Childrens Presentation at church and it was so cute!! 
A group of 3 year olds got up to talk about Christ and with their little baby voices no one could understand anything and this 5 year old stands up and yells "No one can even understand anything theyre saying!!" and the whole congregations just starts laughing. It was the cutest thing to see all these littlies singing and reading scriptures and talking about what they believe. This one little kid yells into the microphone "Jesus loves me! And I love my mum and Dad!" hahaaha

Tonight I am going to be reunited with my daughter Hna Rodriguez, she and her companion are coming to stay because theyre going to the temple with their zone tomorrow and her area is really far away. Then she is going to stay thursday too because she has to go to immigrations!! YAY! 

Hope you are all well, check out this christmas video we are sharing at the moment:


Hermana Wilson

Monday, 23 November 2015

Rain and sun and rain and sun!

Argentina cannot decide what season it is! We have had some really hot days 38* and also a few days of really heavy rain! We worked in both conditions obviously and I think I prefer the rain, it was funny at least to have water up to our ancles arriving at an appointment with a member all soaking wet! It was our first lesson with Samanta and we looked like drowned rats! But she is a fantastic woman and the gospel is going to bless her family a lot! 

Tuesday our sewer was emptied which was not very pretty haha. The Elders had a great laugh about that haha. 

Yesterday was the elections here and so we werent allowed out after church. We took the time to write christmas cards and have a loooooong nap! We went to sleep at about 4pm and I woke up at 11pm and just went back to sleep until the morning haha. My companion woke up at 1am and put her pijamas on haha. 

Tomorrow we have a zone trip to the temple! We are going to be in the hostal there with President and Hna Thurgood and all do a session in the temple together! I am really looking forward to it! Hopefully we will be able to go to the MTC and visit our teachers :D

Saturday we had 3 baptisms! Pilar who is 8, David who is 13 and Paola who is 21. David was going to be baptised NEXT weekend but he came in and saw the font being filled for Paola and asked if he could be baptised that day too! So the district leader came and interviewed him and he was baptised that night! It was a great service! Elvira and Jonny two of our investigators came with us and Jonny came to church sunday too! Elvira was given a book of mormon as a 7 year old in Chile and when we met her she was so prepared to listen to our message! Good things are happening in Burzaco! 
Saucedio is progressing really well, he agreed to quit smoking and has lots of faith that he will be able to do it, we are hoping to teach his daughter and grandchildren this week!

Christmas is fast approaching and tomorrow in the temple hostel we will be trained for the christmas iniciative which will be exciting!

Hope you are all well!

Love Hermana Wilson

Monday, 16 November 2015

I went to Chile!

Hey all!!

Things are all uphill from here. This week the only problems we had was a blocked toilet and a broken door haha Could be worse!

This week I went to Chile! My companion had to go to the embasy in Buenos Airs Capital and so obviously I had to go with her! We were just 1 block from the Casa Rosada and 4 blocks from the Obelisco but we were obedient little missionaries and didnt go looking at the tourist stuff. Mostly coz the Elder in charge of this kinda of stuff made us pinky promise we wouldnt go glavanting around Buenos Aires, the temptation was great! 

Two of the elders in our zone, Elder Nixon and Elder Lowe were deep frying chocolate bars this week durring companionship exchanges and the lighter fell in the pot of boiling oil! They went running from their house just as the whole thing exploded and left their kitchen covered in oil they told us in district meeting haha, BOYS!

Ive had a lot of oportunities durring my mission to meet with the Area 70s. In my first area Elder Krasnoselsky came to our ward and then Elder Spitale was here a couple of weeks ago, then Elder Romeu came to talk to us about the self-efficiency program on thursday, and then on Sunday at Stake Conference Elder Urra from Chile was with us! 
They always have great advice for us, I absolutely loved stake conference. President Thurgood also spoke and shared an experience about his wife being sick when they were newly married with two little boys. He said something like  "All husbands know that there is nothing worse, no bigger disaster, than when your wife is sick. I had no idea what to do! I gave her a blessing and then a kiss, because all husbands should kiss their wives after a blessing, its a rule I think. And then she vomitted and began to get better. She thinks it was the blessing, I think it was the kiss!" haha President Thurgood is the best haha.
Elder Urra also talked about his wife, he said that blessings dont just have to be given when everything is going badly, that he likes to give his wife blessings of gratitude, it was nice. He also spoke about serving others. He said that one day they had a special dinner for bishops and stake presidents and in the middle of the devotional a homeless man walked in. Security kindly asscorted him out and then when they went into the hall for the dinner there was somehow a spare seat and spare plate. He said it was one of the most horrifying moments of his life to realise that he had not shown christlike kindness in that moment and then that there had been a place for that homeless man all along. He told the story much better that I, but it was really impactful! 

Im working my little mormon backside off here! Its fantastic! We´ve been talking with a lot of people and have a great pool of people to teach and serve, its the most incredible experience!!

Shout out to my cozie bro Emmajae, Rueben, Nicole, Elder Turner, My Mummy, Huia, Edison and anyone else who has had a birthday or is going to recently!! 

Love you all

Hermana Wilson

Monday, 9 November 2015

Nearly Christmas!

Awesome Week!

Awesome Week!

This week went great! Had some awesome lessons and found some new people to teach.

It is relaly HOT! And its not even summer! Its about 28c and 100% humity and I kinda wanna die! In one day I got a tan line on my feet, miracle right there! And my tan I mean a little less white than before haha.

Our bathroom broke... like the pipes were blocked or something which wasnt cool and the Elders made fun of us haha. But it is all fixed now! (It wasnt me...)

Elder Spitale of the area 70 came to speak to us which was areal honor. He gave us lots of advice on how we can hasten the work of salvation here in our little area of Buenos Aires. President spoke to us about being consecrated to the work and finished his speak saying "Please! Dont do anything DUMB! I ws you age once, I know what it going through your heads right now! Dont do it!" He also talked about being swag and said, "You cant be swag, you have to be mission president for that!" haha.
Elder Spitale said that in Gods time our mission is 2 minutes for the Sisters and 3 Minutes for the Elders, which really hit me, coz this week my first minute it over! GONE!  I only have 1 minute left! I understand why they ask us to leave everything to really just be dedicated and dligent and work hard, because really we are only working 2 minutes in the work of eternity. 2 minutes and then I have the rest of my life for everything else. 

I dont have much time today! But I will see you all in 1 minute! Agust 23rd 2016 :O Thats such a scary thought....  
We are off for ice cream today to celebrate my 9 months and Hna Llanquinaos 6 months. 

Love you all!

Monday, 2 November 2015


Fwd: Buenos Aires Temple

Guess what disaster happened this week: NOTHING! Can you believe it?!

The most shocking thing happened this week, I had a normal week! No sickness, no natural disasters, nope, not even a papercut. Hermana Thurgood said that I hit the bottom with my last hospital trip so it´s all unhill from now on haha.

We are teaching a great couple who have been investigating for 3 years and they arent married and he didnt want to be married so that was problem. i met them about 2 weeks ago and felt very strongly that I just had to really bare testamony to Miguel, the man, about the love God has for him. My companion had told me that he was really hard hearted and jsut wasnt interested. And well I just poured my heart out to this guy and he just melted! He confided in us about his fears and the sadness he has felt losing his mum a few years ago. And well, it looks like we will have wedding and a baptism to attend! It was incredible!

The elders in our area this week have really shoed us that they need mothers haha. 
Firstly: I get a text at 10:20pm tuesday saying: "Hna Wilson, how long does banana bread take to cook?" and so i reply about 30mins and then I get a responce: "And if we put it in a pizza tray?" so I call because I am thinking: Is this a joke? Nope not a joke! They put the cake mix on a 1inch deep pizza tray and they didnt put baking powder because they didnt have any haha. the next day they brought us some and well it was about 1.5cm high and cut like a pizza hahaha. 
Then friday I call the elders durring weekly planning to organise some things and ask if there is anything that I can do for them and Elder Powlus says his companion is vomiting and what should he do. So here we are at 10:30am rushing over to the elders with Pepto-Bismol, anti-nausea tablets, apples, fever medicine and chicken soup hahaha, I guess it was my turn to look after someone else. 
That night we call to see how he is doing and he says, "I felt great about n hour after the medicine so we went to lunch with some members and I ate 12 empanadas and 4 waffles and didnt even feel sick! Miracle medicines hermana! You saved my life!" I couldnt believe it! Only an elder would do that after vomiting all night haha. 

Saturday we went to the temple and had a great time with our investigator! She is halarious! Sheis almost 70 but is so young at heart and so cheeky. She saw all the young elders in Missionary Training Centre and she said, "Oh yes I would like to be 19 and mormon for those lads" hahaha. Her hairdresser cut our hair and gave us a cream treatment for free this morning, it was great, she trimmed my hair really well thank goodness! 

Love you all! I hope youre all doing fantastic dang it! 

Hermana Wilson

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