Monday, 16 November 2015

I went to Chile!

Hey all!!

Things are all uphill from here. This week the only problems we had was a blocked toilet and a broken door haha Could be worse!

This week I went to Chile! My companion had to go to the embasy in Buenos Airs Capital and so obviously I had to go with her! We were just 1 block from the Casa Rosada and 4 blocks from the Obelisco but we were obedient little missionaries and didnt go looking at the tourist stuff. Mostly coz the Elder in charge of this kinda of stuff made us pinky promise we wouldnt go glavanting around Buenos Aires, the temptation was great! 

Two of the elders in our zone, Elder Nixon and Elder Lowe were deep frying chocolate bars this week durring companionship exchanges and the lighter fell in the pot of boiling oil! They went running from their house just as the whole thing exploded and left their kitchen covered in oil they told us in district meeting haha, BOYS!

Ive had a lot of oportunities durring my mission to meet with the Area 70s. In my first area Elder Krasnoselsky came to our ward and then Elder Spitale was here a couple of weeks ago, then Elder Romeu came to talk to us about the self-efficiency program on thursday, and then on Sunday at Stake Conference Elder Urra from Chile was with us! 
They always have great advice for us, I absolutely loved stake conference. President Thurgood also spoke and shared an experience about his wife being sick when they were newly married with two little boys. He said something like  "All husbands know that there is nothing worse, no bigger disaster, than when your wife is sick. I had no idea what to do! I gave her a blessing and then a kiss, because all husbands should kiss their wives after a blessing, its a rule I think. And then she vomitted and began to get better. She thinks it was the blessing, I think it was the kiss!" haha President Thurgood is the best haha.
Elder Urra also talked about his wife, he said that blessings dont just have to be given when everything is going badly, that he likes to give his wife blessings of gratitude, it was nice. He also spoke about serving others. He said that one day they had a special dinner for bishops and stake presidents and in the middle of the devotional a homeless man walked in. Security kindly asscorted him out and then when they went into the hall for the dinner there was somehow a spare seat and spare plate. He said it was one of the most horrifying moments of his life to realise that he had not shown christlike kindness in that moment and then that there had been a place for that homeless man all along. He told the story much better that I, but it was really impactful! 

Im working my little mormon backside off here! Its fantastic! We´ve been talking with a lot of people and have a great pool of people to teach and serve, its the most incredible experience!!

Shout out to my cozie bro Emmajae, Rueben, Nicole, Elder Turner, My Mummy, Huia, Edison and anyone else who has had a birthday or is going to recently!! 

Love you all

Hermana Wilson

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