Monday, 30 November 2015

It´s ALMOST Christmas!!

Hey all!!

This was a pretty good week!

Monday the Zone Activity was AWESOME! It began as Capture the flag with wet sponges being thrown to get people out and naturally ended in a huge water fight! We all got completely soaked, anyone who wasnt drenched was dragged out of the chapel onto the grass and we all just threw buckets of water over them and hosed them haha. It was really quite funny! We finished eating cookies and drying off in the sun. 

Tuesday we went to the temle as a zone. It was so lovely to be able to go in and do a session with the zone, President and Hna Thurgood and The Mitchells (Couple who work in the offices.) We then has lunch in the hostal and then a zone conference there. It was a great day! 
We headed home and went out to work quickly because some sisters were going to be arriving to stay over because they had to do visa stuff and the immigrations office is here in Burzaco. 
My companion didnt put on her bike helmet and as we were heading home she fell off and hit her head really bad. Thankfully we were close to our ward mission leaders house and he took us to the hospital. She had a hugely swollen head and I was in a right panic! Feeling really responsible since I hadnt made sure she was wearing her helmet. They did some tests and everything was fine so we went home. Hna Sprull who was on of the sisters who stayed over is Hna Llanquinaos trainer so it was nice she was there. Hna Batista and Hna Llanquinao went to bed pretty early and Hna Sprull and I got to talking and when we looked at the clock thinking it was about 12am it was 4:30am!! Ooops!

The rest of the week went pretty normal, we are on foot until the bike gets fixed. 

Yesterday was the Childrens Presentation at church and it was so cute!! 
A group of 3 year olds got up to talk about Christ and with their little baby voices no one could understand anything and this 5 year old stands up and yells "No one can even understand anything theyre saying!!" and the whole congregations just starts laughing. It was the cutest thing to see all these littlies singing and reading scriptures and talking about what they believe. This one little kid yells into the microphone "Jesus loves me! And I love my mum and Dad!" hahaaha

Tonight I am going to be reunited with my daughter Hna Rodriguez, she and her companion are coming to stay because theyre going to the temple with their zone tomorrow and her area is really far away. Then she is going to stay thursday too because she has to go to immigrations!! YAY! 

Hope you are all well, check out this christmas video we are sharing at the moment:


Hermana Wilson

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