Monday, 28 March 2016

News from the Promised Land!

Sorry I didnt write last week! Was really busy!

This week has flown by and was loads of fun and we worked HARD!

Monday I got my hair trimmed, the lady did a great job, though i was pretty freaked out. I said 1cm and was worried id come out with a number one shave, but all is well haha.
We also celebrated Hermana Medranos bithday which was loads of fun. She is Hermana Llanquinaos companion and snce Llanquinoa is from chile and some people went there they got her MILO and i was so excited and then i tried it and it tastes nothing like kiwi milo.... was really sad! NZs milo is better haha.
OH and while I was getting my haircut they showed me that video that went viral of the haka at the wedding and i got a little teary eyed seeing my lovely Red Hill ward and a tiny bit of Bens wedding reception!! 

This week we found 5 new people to teach and just saw so many miracles, im loving the work and it makes me sad to think ive only got 3 more transfers. 

Today we went to Lanus, which was my area last winter and did some bowling, I saw my absolute favourite family from Lanus the Senlle family and we all cried! It was fantastic!! 

I hope that you all had a great easter!


Hermana Wilson

P.S attached a photo that one of my fav americans Hermana Spruill send me (now known as Alexandra Spruill)

To All Mothers

Durring this special easter season I have tried to focus more than ever on Jesus Christ and His sacrifice for me and think of my Heavenyl Father who sent His only begotten son in the flesh to pay the price for my sins and suffer for the pains and heartaches I have and will feel throughout my life. 
But i´m not going to write about that today...
There is a quote that goes something like this:" It is impossible to forget God and remember mother and im possible to remember God and forget mother"
I´ve seen and felt that this week and throughout my mission. My daddy is my greatest hero on earth and I love him and my siblings are my greatest living examples of humilty and love and kindness, but today I dedicate my email to all those loving mothers, especially my own and my grandmothers and Aunties. 
I do truly believe that the love a mother feels for her children is he closest thing to the decine lvoe that Jesus Christ shows uys. People spat on, insulted, hated, mocked, threatened and eventually killed Him. But He was still willing to suffer the sins of all those people and die for them. He pleaded: "Forgive them father, for they know not what they do."
Perhaps i havent been sooooo bad to my mum, but ive deffinately had my moments where i havent been so kind to her. But yet the devine love that she feels for my gives me the complete certainty that there is nothing I could do to separete my from the love she feels for me. 
Our mothers keep us alive inside their bodies for 9 months and then continue sustaining us with their love throughout the rest of all eternity. They patched up our grazed knees, rocked us to sleep, stayed up with us all night when we were sick. They hugged us and told us all would be okay when we were bullied, they stood on our side against any enemy, theyre our biggest fans and greatest comfort. They cried for us when we left home and worried and prayed for us from the moment we existed.
Could there be anything more Holy on earth than a mother? Anything more pure than her love? 

I join my words to Jeffery R Hollands in saying to all mothers: 
"Thank you. Thank you for giving birth, for shaping souls, for forming character, and for demonstrating the pure love of Christ. You are doing better than you think you are."
I thank my mummy for teaching my to care, to love and be charitable. For caring for me when I was sick and holding me while I cried. For being my biggest cheerleader. For marrying my daddy. For always believing in me and for being a perfect example of Christ, of a mother and of Christ.


Hermana Wilson

Monday, 7 March 2016

Fwd: They didnt steal my Companion! But they stole my district leader AND zone leader :(

This week, like this transfer, just flew by!

As a gift to myself to take away from my mission I got some really great cases made for my spanish scriptures. The lady did an amazing job! Photos are attached. 
We had a great pday last week, we had a farewell for our district leader Elder Bavelas (now known as James Bavelas) We ate tacos, made predictions about his future and he about ours and attacked him with cans of fake snow haha. They all played soccer coz any activity here always ends in soccer haha.

Tuesday we had our district meeting and it was great, really spiritual and we finshed saying goodbye to Elder Bavelas and Elder Steinky who both finished their missions today. 

Wednesday we were in Banfield for leadership council where we talk about what we can do to help the mission progress and help president make decisions about the mission. It was my seccond time and was great, we always learn loads there and it is nice to be able to help better the mission. 

Wednesday evening we took the LOOOOOOOOOOOONG trip in 2 trains and a bus to San Miguel de Monte for exchanges with the great sisters there Hermana Dunlop and Hermana Muñoz. We had a great time, found a few new people to teach and had loads of lessons. It is pure countryside and is really pretty there is a lake there so we finsihed the exchange eating ice cream at the lake. 

Friday, saturday and sunday we were actually the whole day in our area! Miracle! We worked hard and have 2 new investigators with baptismal dates. They have to get married first but are excited for that. 

This morning we went and left a farewell sign for our district leader on his gate which he found as he left for the airport, the live close to us. We were totally ninja at 7am trying not to get spotted as we left it there haha. 

The mission is great! I love it! I love teaching and speaking spanish so naturally and being a representative of Jesus Christ!

Have a good week!

Hermana Wilson

In the Elder Bednar Conference: 4 generations!!

My trainer Hna Orgill, Me, My Daughter Hna Rodriguez and my granddaughter Hermana Hinrichs!