Monday, 29 February 2016

Craziest week of the transfer!

Not a lot to say about this week since we were in bed the majority of it!

Last monday we had a practise for the talent show this week, our district was kinda depressed, I think because our district leader is going home soon and this district is really close.

Monday evening and Tuesday I had exchanges with Hermana LLANQUINAO! My ex-companion, since I am her sister training leader now. It was a strange exchange because tuesday morning I had to go to Burzaco to do visa paperwork and in the afternoon she had a doctors appointment and then in the evening the sisters from San Miguel DeMonte arrived to say the night because Wednesday we took the long trip over to the Buenos Aires North Mission for a 3 hours interactive conference with David A. Bednar, one of the 12 Apostles. We were extremely lucky to be there! It was a conference filmed live for all the missionaries serving in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uraguay missions, over 6000 mssionaries, and we were invited to be there. I sat about 5 meters away from Elder Bednar and we were able to chat with him and ask question and he was very friendly and funny. We learnt alot about learning from the spirit and he spoke to me presonally saying: "Let me explain something: Men to 10 things, they do 9 wrong and one right, they dont remember the nine, they just focus on the 1 and they say: "Man, arent I just great!?". Women do 10 things, they do 9 thins right and one thing wrong and (Lifts hands dramatically and sighs) dont remember the 9, just the one thing wrong and feel really bad. Sisters! Stop worrying so much!! Elders, maybe you should worry just a little more!" haha it was very funny. 
He started the conversation saying: "dont look so afraid everyone! I am not going to point at anyone and say: "you! Stand up and recite D&C 4". You probably all know it, until an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ asks you to say it and then you cant remember your own name! Im not going to work that way today" 
It was a truly incredible oportunity and I was also able to see all my ex-companions and friends who went to the South mission when it was devided. 

Thursday, and fridayand saturday we had a tummy bug. We got up just to so our 10 minute play for the talent show and saturday night we went to an open house in Gonzales Catan which was nice. Sunday I felt great but after church my companion was too good so she slept the afternoon. Today we both feel great and are ready to work!

I am haivng a great time here, it is all flying by really quickly, even more so now with exchanges and so many other things going on. But I know that this is The Lords work not mine,I am simply one of him tools, an angel send to guide home the lost children of God. And what a true honor it is!

I love you all!

Hermana Wilson

P.S No photos on my camera this week sorry!

Monday, 22 February 2016

Photos: The wedding/conference, Las Flores Lagoon, and my companion is sassy!

I Love To See The Temple! And President and Hermana Thurgood! And Las Flores!

Well last monday we had a really awesome Zone activity having a picnic lunch and playing sports in the field beside the temple. One of the Elders had a Rugby ball and they got caried away playing that and it ended with Elder Bavelas tackled to the ground with quite the bump on his head and forgetting everyones names! I got to put in practice a bit of my first aid haha. Then his companion spent the whole week with a fever and vomiting and so when that didnt pass after 3 days we had to be nurses again taking medicine and food supplies to them. I have experience with tummy bugs now after one year drinking the water here haha, so I gave them the miracle anti-nausea tablets I have used and pepto-bismol and in a day he was better! #SisterNurse

This week we also had our zone conference which was in our chaple so we only had to cross the road to get there! It was fantastic as usual and we had a delish roast chicken and salad lunch with everyone. The funny thing was that last weekend with the wedding they had decorated the cultural hall and all the decorations were still up, so when the elders arrived early to set up they took wedding photos being silly haha. And President began the meeting saying with a wink: "Firstly id like to say a big thank you to Hermana Wilson and Hermana Fierro for decorating so well for this conferance! No one has ever but so much effort in before!" to which I replied "Yeah, we were up all night to prepare!" haha

After the conference I took the 3 hour trip to Las Flores with Hermana Shepard for a 3 day companionship exchange with her. They and the Elders from Las Flores had missed the bus to get to the conference and knowing they wouldnt arrive on time had... HITCH-HIKED!! Yeah we all thought it was kinda halrious, they arrived in a huge truck hahaha, but hopefully president doesnt find out haha, he´d have a heartattack! 
My last day in Las Flores we went to the lagoon there and had breakfast and did the companionship inventory, it was so foggy that my hair got wet as we biked there!

My companion sassed me this morning haha, I always forget to take my towel to the bathroom and she has to bring it to me and so this morning I get up and there is a sign on the bathroom door which says in spanish: Hermana Wilson, how would you feel, if ye shall stand before the bar of God WITHOUT A TOWEL! -Alma 5:22 
I almost died laughing and remembered my towel!  

Love you all!

Hope youre well!! 

Hermana Wilson

Monday, 15 February 2016

Happy Valentines!!!

This week went really well, we found some new people to teach which is exciting!
 I celebrated my one year in the mission! Fire and cake were involved!

It is super hot here, i think I could die, and so humid! There was a storm the other night which usually gets rid of the humidity but it made it worse, we are melting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I know that after the last wedding I went to I vowed to never go to another wedding on the mission and I really planned on sticking to that.... But we got roped into helping out in the kitchen at a wedding of one of the YSA in our ward. It wasnt as trunky as last time, I promise haha. 

We had exchanges with the sisters from Luis Guillon on Saturday, went really well. I was with Hermana Batista from Brazil and we had a great time and learnt a lot, but it was so hot that day!

Today as a zone we are off to the park in front of the temple to have a picnic and play ultimate frizbee! I made banana cake and chocolate chip cookies. I was in histerics because I left my companion in charge of the cookies in the oven while I showered and I got out and went to look at them and she had flipped them over "So they will cook both sides" hahaha I had to explain that cookies are not like meat haha

Well thats all for this week really..... I dont have any photos because my camera wont load on this computer! But here´s a photo that my companion sent me! 

Lots of love to you all!

Hermana Wilson

Monday, 8 February 2016

Road Trip! David A Bednar and Pink Clothes! 1 Year Old!

Well this week just flew by as usual! I have barely time to breathe with my new asignment. 
Last monday my companion put her pink pillow slip in the washing machine with all our white clothes, so now I have this lovely pink theme going on. I realise I have grown here on the mission because I just laughed it off, didnt feel stressed about it at all, and didnt get mad at my companion, wow, guess im an adult now! 

Tuesday we had our district meeting and I LOVE MY DISTRICT! We are all the best of friends and just spent the whole time laughing-we did also have some really spiritual moments though! We are the only girls in our district so we just spend the whole time laughing at the rediculous things that the Elders do haha. We decided to participate in the stake talent show and we have a halarious mini play called The District Leader, which we made up and rehersed today after lunch at SUBWAY! I havent had subway in so long! It was exspensive but worth it!

Wednesday we were in the mission home at my very first leadershop council, we had to teach and interactive lesson for 30mins about the roll of the Holy Ghost in conversion and it went really well!
We learnt about the new safety plan and organised a few things because..... on the 24th and Apostle David A Bednar is going to be here to talk to all the missionaries in the Buenos Aires, North, South, East and West missions! Theres going to be over 800 missionaries in the conference and I will get to see my old friends and companions that went to the Buenos Aires East mission when we divided! I am so excited! 

Thursday we were off to Las Flores which is the furtherest point of our mission, its like going from Auckland City to Tauranga and we went in a really comfy bus! Las Flores is pure countryside and it was really great to get to spend 2 days there with Hermana Small and Hermana Shephard. I was companions with Hermana Small for those 2 days. It was really fun!

The rest of the week was pretty normal, but also really busy. Our area is really big, we are working on deviding it and putting Elders on half of it in March. 

It poured with rain yesterday and we got really wet which was exciting haha. Full on storm! and we trooped on! 

This Thursday will be my 1st birthday here in the mission! Cake will be involved! I cannot believe that one year ago I arrived here in Argentina, it honestly feels like I just arrived. But at the same time so much has happened, I feel like I have really grown up and seen so many amazing miracles, my testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel is so much stronger and the gratitude I feel towards Him and my Heavenly Father for giving me this opotunity is huge.
 AND I have had so much FUN!!

I love you all! I will be seeing you in 6 1/2 months :O

Monday, 1 February 2016

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month-well here is the first of the month!

Well what can I say.... it was a pretty normal week in the mission field!

My new area is fantastic, I know that I am going to love it here, its the most beautiful area that I have served in and the members are really nice. A lot of them a re really wealthy but theyre not snobby or prideful at all. 

We have a few great investigators here, one of them came to church on sunday and loved it, she is Peruvian and is super lovely, she cried durring the hymns because "it was beautiful", I have a croaky man´s voice so I dont think she was listening to me haha.

We had a zone activity (Tormenta Blanca for those who know what that is) in Luis Guillon on Saturday which was great, we all worked in their area and had pizza for lunch, was pretty fun!

This coming week we are going to Los Flores which is FAR, its the furtherest point of the mission in the middle of the country to have companionship exchanges with the sisters there. We are just going to stay there 2 days instead of have someone come to Monte Grande because its a really exspensive trip. 

Today we are going to eat Ice Cream!!

And.... yeah thats all!

The church is true!

Here´s a photo of the cute little bird that lives in the vine outside our house, I havent named him yet, still thinking! 
And one of my Comp and I on our bikes.
This week ill take more photos of the area!