Monday, 1 February 2016

Pinch and a punch for the first of the month-well here is the first of the month!

Well what can I say.... it was a pretty normal week in the mission field!

My new area is fantastic, I know that I am going to love it here, its the most beautiful area that I have served in and the members are really nice. A lot of them a re really wealthy but theyre not snobby or prideful at all. 

We have a few great investigators here, one of them came to church on sunday and loved it, she is Peruvian and is super lovely, she cried durring the hymns because "it was beautiful", I have a croaky man´s voice so I dont think she was listening to me haha.

We had a zone activity (Tormenta Blanca for those who know what that is) in Luis Guillon on Saturday which was great, we all worked in their area and had pizza for lunch, was pretty fun!

This coming week we are going to Los Flores which is FAR, its the furtherest point of the mission in the middle of the country to have companionship exchanges with the sisters there. We are just going to stay there 2 days instead of have someone come to Monte Grande because its a really exspensive trip. 

Today we are going to eat Ice Cream!!

And.... yeah thats all!

The church is true!

Here´s a photo of the cute little bird that lives in the vine outside our house, I havent named him yet, still thinking! 
And one of my Comp and I on our bikes.
This week ill take more photos of the area! 

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