Monday, 25 January 2016

Re: TRANSFERS! I Love Chileans!

Photos explanation: 
1. Me with book of mormon
2. One morning when I was sick, my companion got all artistic taking photos. 
3. Recent converts twin girls, I am their nanny at church, she straps them in and I rock them to sleep in Gospel Principles class jaja
4. Duarte Family
5. Our investigator Elvira.
6. A YSA from my last ward who was as a mini missionary for 2 weeks because one elder got sent home sick. 

On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 3:42 PM, Micaella Wilson <> wrote:
Well I am all unpacked in my new area Monte Grande which is the Stake Centre here and I have been called as a Sister Training Leader which is going to be a new experience. I will be doing exchanges with 1/3 of the Sisters here in the BA South mission each transfer to see how theyre doing. So I am going to learn a lot and get to see a lot of the mission. 

My new companion is Hermana Fierro, she is from... wait for it...... CHILE! We have 4 sisters in the mission from Chile and I have now had 3 of them as my companions! Ive had more chilean companions than North Americans, thats a rare thing! I figure that God wants me to visit Chile and have free acomodation, or maybe I am going to marry David Archuleta (dude who was on American Idol, and served his misison in Chile). 

We had a worldwide live missionary conference this week which was really motivating! I really loved the whole thing! We got to watch it in English in the offices which was great, but it was really weird hearing people talking in english!

I spent 2 days in bed with the flu which wasnt cool, there is a dingue fever outbreak here and so everyone was like "Yeah it would be Hermana Wilson who would get dingue fever and then theyd close the mission down" haha. I did not have dingue! And I am bathing in mosquito repelent so dont worry haha. 

On of my best friends here in the mission, Hermana Spruill went home today which was really sad! Lots of people that I know here are finishing and it is starting to dawn on me that the mission actually ends! WHAT?!

Otherwise... it was a normal week!

I hope you are all doing well!
Here´s some photos of my last week in Burzaco 

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