Monday, 18 January 2016

Last week of my 7th Transfer in the mission!

Hey Everyone!

This week was great, we had interviews with President Thurgood and it was great to talk personally with him and recieve his advice, he is truly an amazing leader and we all love him and Hermana Thurgood so much!
Hermana Thurgood brought us peanut butter which is a rarety here and there was also a TOASTER! Also a rarety and so we had peanut butter on toast and I almost died of excitement haha. 
We had some great workshops with the assistants and zone leaders, my companion and I had to do a role-play lesson infront of everyone and it was probably the best one i´ve ever done, wasnt even a real lesson but we all felt the spirit. Those watching said they wanted to be baptised again haha.
I lvoed everything that we learnt from the leaders it was really inspiring. 

We have a great new investigator Mercedes who is amazing, she has a baptism date for 13 february but it is likely I wont be here for her baptism since we have tranfers this coming monday and it is likely that I will be leaving. 

Thursday my companion and i were having some serious Lasagna cravings and expressed this to a member who was accompanying us to an appointment and he began to crave lasagna also. So we made a plan to convince his wife to make us lasagna saturday! Turns out that she didnt know how to make lasagna.... so they bought all the stuff and we made lasagna and also a lemon cake for dessert! It was great fun!
They have a halariously cute 4 year old called Kevin and he has so much attitude it is really funny! Here´s a few of our conversations:
 Kevin: "Hermana Wilson, I am not eating today?"
 Me: "Why not Kevin?"
 Kevin: "Honestly I am just quite annoyed with Mum, so I refuse to eat!"
The elders taught Kevin to say this: 
Me: "Kevin where´d you buy your swag?"
Kevin: "You can´t buy swag Hermana, you´re just born with it!"

Hope that you are all well and happy! I love and pray for you all!
Hermana Wilson

1. My companion and I waiting for the bus, I have been comanded to wear a hat since I am the whitest black person in the mission.
2.A sign on the office door that cracked me up! In Spanish it says: "Please leave the door closed at all times" and beside it in english it says the contrary. Bit of confusion from the american staff haha.
3. My companion likes to tease me that my mission is nearly over by pointing out every plane that passes, however this time when she yelled out "Trunky!" she actually had reason, it was Aire New Zealand! haha
4 and 5: Selfies taken while cleaning this morning just before leaving to do some shopping, my companion has been convincing me to embrace the selfies. 
6: Lasagna with the Gonzales family! The two top chefs!

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