Monday, 8 February 2016

Road Trip! David A Bednar and Pink Clothes! 1 Year Old!

Well this week just flew by as usual! I have barely time to breathe with my new asignment. 
Last monday my companion put her pink pillow slip in the washing machine with all our white clothes, so now I have this lovely pink theme going on. I realise I have grown here on the mission because I just laughed it off, didnt feel stressed about it at all, and didnt get mad at my companion, wow, guess im an adult now! 

Tuesday we had our district meeting and I LOVE MY DISTRICT! We are all the best of friends and just spent the whole time laughing-we did also have some really spiritual moments though! We are the only girls in our district so we just spend the whole time laughing at the rediculous things that the Elders do haha. We decided to participate in the stake talent show and we have a halarious mini play called The District Leader, which we made up and rehersed today after lunch at SUBWAY! I havent had subway in so long! It was exspensive but worth it!

Wednesday we were in the mission home at my very first leadershop council, we had to teach and interactive lesson for 30mins about the roll of the Holy Ghost in conversion and it went really well!
We learnt about the new safety plan and organised a few things because..... on the 24th and Apostle David A Bednar is going to be here to talk to all the missionaries in the Buenos Aires, North, South, East and West missions! Theres going to be over 800 missionaries in the conference and I will get to see my old friends and companions that went to the Buenos Aires East mission when we divided! I am so excited! 

Thursday we were off to Las Flores which is the furtherest point of our mission, its like going from Auckland City to Tauranga and we went in a really comfy bus! Las Flores is pure countryside and it was really great to get to spend 2 days there with Hermana Small and Hermana Shephard. I was companions with Hermana Small for those 2 days. It was really fun!

The rest of the week was pretty normal, but also really busy. Our area is really big, we are working on deviding it and putting Elders on half of it in March. 

It poured with rain yesterday and we got really wet which was exciting haha. Full on storm! and we trooped on! 

This Thursday will be my 1st birthday here in the mission! Cake will be involved! I cannot believe that one year ago I arrived here in Argentina, it honestly feels like I just arrived. But at the same time so much has happened, I feel like I have really grown up and seen so many amazing miracles, my testimony of Jesus Christ and His gospel is so much stronger and the gratitude I feel towards Him and my Heavenly Father for giving me this opotunity is huge.
 AND I have had so much FUN!!

I love you all! I will be seeing you in 6 1/2 months :O

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