Monday, 22 February 2016

I Love To See The Temple! And President and Hermana Thurgood! And Las Flores!

Well last monday we had a really awesome Zone activity having a picnic lunch and playing sports in the field beside the temple. One of the Elders had a Rugby ball and they got caried away playing that and it ended with Elder Bavelas tackled to the ground with quite the bump on his head and forgetting everyones names! I got to put in practice a bit of my first aid haha. Then his companion spent the whole week with a fever and vomiting and so when that didnt pass after 3 days we had to be nurses again taking medicine and food supplies to them. I have experience with tummy bugs now after one year drinking the water here haha, so I gave them the miracle anti-nausea tablets I have used and pepto-bismol and in a day he was better! #SisterNurse

This week we also had our zone conference which was in our chaple so we only had to cross the road to get there! It was fantastic as usual and we had a delish roast chicken and salad lunch with everyone. The funny thing was that last weekend with the wedding they had decorated the cultural hall and all the decorations were still up, so when the elders arrived early to set up they took wedding photos being silly haha. And President began the meeting saying with a wink: "Firstly id like to say a big thank you to Hermana Wilson and Hermana Fierro for decorating so well for this conferance! No one has ever but so much effort in before!" to which I replied "Yeah, we were up all night to prepare!" haha

After the conference I took the 3 hour trip to Las Flores with Hermana Shepard for a 3 day companionship exchange with her. They and the Elders from Las Flores had missed the bus to get to the conference and knowing they wouldnt arrive on time had... HITCH-HIKED!! Yeah we all thought it was kinda halrious, they arrived in a huge truck hahaha, but hopefully president doesnt find out haha, he´d have a heartattack! 
My last day in Las Flores we went to the lagoon there and had breakfast and did the companionship inventory, it was so foggy that my hair got wet as we biked there!

My companion sassed me this morning haha, I always forget to take my towel to the bathroom and she has to bring it to me and so this morning I get up and there is a sign on the bathroom door which says in spanish: Hermana Wilson, how would you feel, if ye shall stand before the bar of God WITHOUT A TOWEL! -Alma 5:22 
I almost died laughing and remembered my towel!  

Love you all!

Hope youre well!! 

Hermana Wilson

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