Monday, 28 March 2016

News from the Promised Land!

Sorry I didnt write last week! Was really busy!

This week has flown by and was loads of fun and we worked HARD!

Monday I got my hair trimmed, the lady did a great job, though i was pretty freaked out. I said 1cm and was worried id come out with a number one shave, but all is well haha.
We also celebrated Hermana Medranos bithday which was loads of fun. She is Hermana Llanquinaos companion and snce Llanquinoa is from chile and some people went there they got her MILO and i was so excited and then i tried it and it tastes nothing like kiwi milo.... was really sad! NZs milo is better haha.
OH and while I was getting my haircut they showed me that video that went viral of the haka at the wedding and i got a little teary eyed seeing my lovely Red Hill ward and a tiny bit of Bens wedding reception!! 

This week we found 5 new people to teach and just saw so many miracles, im loving the work and it makes me sad to think ive only got 3 more transfers. 

Today we went to Lanus, which was my area last winter and did some bowling, I saw my absolute favourite family from Lanus the Senlle family and we all cried! It was fantastic!! 

I hope that you all had a great easter!


Hermana Wilson

P.S attached a photo that one of my fav americans Hermana Spruill send me (now known as Alexandra Spruill)

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