Monday, 11 April 2016

I Guess The Church is True!

Jokes already knew the church was true, but totally got that confirmed with a smack in the face listening to our beloved Apostles and Prophet in the General Conference this weekend. 
Yes, I did spent 8 hours (10 because I went to the womens conference also) sitting on a hard wooden bank but it was totally worth it!
Ill send a run down of some of my favourite talks next week when everyone in NZ has seen it, but ill attach some quotes from it that i loved today. 

This week was kinda crazy, we had district meeting on tuesday, mission leadership council on wednesday, loads of lessons and then all weekend in the conference. But things still went well, we are still finding new people to teach which is fantastic, im meeting loads of new people. 

Also taught an awesome Chilean family to make chocolate chip cookies this week which was great fun. They dressed me up as a chile supporter, which i am totally okay with. Chile is great and ive had three chilean companions in a row now so I guess im half chilean! 

We are pretty tired, theres a photo attached of where i fell asleep the other night and my companion durring "exersize time" haha.

Love you all!

Hermana Wilson

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