Monday, 25 April 2016

Its getting COLD

Argentina is so extreme haha, just 6 weeks ago i was getting fried outside and now im freezing to death! 

My companion and i have been working hard, we are compleltely exhaused because we did a lot of walking this week, there was a day where we tried to visit more than 15 people and NO ONE was home. We just about died haha. But we are always of good cheer, I always go singing through the streets and she loves to sing too! We sound like a really gospel radio station hahaha. 

Today we are throwing a birthday party in our flat for Hermana Holt and Hermana Dias who are companions and have their birthdays on the same day-tomorrow! Its going to be fun. Ive mad bana bread, brownies, popcorn and we are gonna eat it all with hot chocolates while watching a movie. Its gonna be a great girls day!

Love you all!!

P.S Today I got my "Trunky Email", or in other words the offices emailed asking in what airport I need to arrive in 4 months and for my parents email to send them my flight itinary...................... WHAT!!!!!

Photos: Hermana Conceiçao and I and another photo of my group. 

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