Monday, 25 April 2016

Last weeks email that didnt post on my blog

Well I am officially an old person, there are only 3 sisters in the mission that have more time than me now :( In 3 trasfers i will be home ( A Transfer is 6 weeks) 

This tuesday our district said goodbye, we were pretty sad coz we are all really close, but time to make some new friends. My new companion is Hermana Conceiçao from Brazil Sao Paolo, she is an absolute darling and so i am really excited to have her. Shes going to teach be Portuguez and we are learning italian together! Ive been soooo blessed with the companions i have had. 
Im going to miss my Fierrita Ferrosa a lot (Hermana Fierro) but since we finish the mission together ill get to see her when we go to Capital together, have our final interviews and when we go to the temple here. 

Wednesday and thursday i was in San Miguel de Monte with Hermana Muñoz from Spain in exchanges and we had a great time although i was a bit sick. 
Ive had a fever this week, really weird because I had no other symptoms, but apparently its a virus going around. We met so many people every day, i bless them with the god news of the Restored Gospel and they bless my with their virusus haha. Down side of the culture of kissing to greet people i suppose. 

This transfer is going to be crazy because a lot of the Sisters in our zone are training so we are going to be all over Buenos Aires in exchanges, and I am training my companion as Sister Training Leader. So its just going to fly by! 

My SD card has a virus.... so thats awkward... im going to have to just leave it until I get home and can get my daddy to fix it, the photos dont load on the computer anymore. I may get a new card or I may just rely on my compañions cameras for the next while. Here is some from the Fierritas camera. 
Some with our old district "The Best District" my "Old New District", the Zone, The Retamales family and the ones outside are the coolest people in the mission: Known as the August 22nd 2016 group. We will all be leaving the mission together and got to catch up today at transfers. You can tell we are old because 3 of us a sister training leaders, one is the secretary to president, one is zone leader, one is the Assistent to the president and the other sister is going to be training a newby this transfer! We are a dinamite team!!

Love you all, hope youre doing well! Shout out to the Elders Quorum in Redhill Ward! I got your letters today and was super happy!! 

Hermana Wilson

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