Monday, 23 November 2015

Rain and sun and rain and sun!

Argentina cannot decide what season it is! We have had some really hot days 38* and also a few days of really heavy rain! We worked in both conditions obviously and I think I prefer the rain, it was funny at least to have water up to our ancles arriving at an appointment with a member all soaking wet! It was our first lesson with Samanta and we looked like drowned rats! But she is a fantastic woman and the gospel is going to bless her family a lot! 

Tuesday our sewer was emptied which was not very pretty haha. The Elders had a great laugh about that haha. 

Yesterday was the elections here and so we werent allowed out after church. We took the time to write christmas cards and have a loooooong nap! We went to sleep at about 4pm and I woke up at 11pm and just went back to sleep until the morning haha. My companion woke up at 1am and put her pijamas on haha. 

Tomorrow we have a zone trip to the temple! We are going to be in the hostal there with President and Hna Thurgood and all do a session in the temple together! I am really looking forward to it! Hopefully we will be able to go to the MTC and visit our teachers :D

Saturday we had 3 baptisms! Pilar who is 8, David who is 13 and Paola who is 21. David was going to be baptised NEXT weekend but he came in and saw the font being filled for Paola and asked if he could be baptised that day too! So the district leader came and interviewed him and he was baptised that night! It was a great service! Elvira and Jonny two of our investigators came with us and Jonny came to church sunday too! Elvira was given a book of mormon as a 7 year old in Chile and when we met her she was so prepared to listen to our message! Good things are happening in Burzaco! 
Saucedio is progressing really well, he agreed to quit smoking and has lots of faith that he will be able to do it, we are hoping to teach his daughter and grandchildren this week!

Christmas is fast approaching and tomorrow in the temple hostel we will be trained for the christmas iniciative which will be exciting!

Hope you are all well!

Love Hermana Wilson

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