Monday, 2 November 2015

Guess what disaster happened this week: NOTHING! Can you believe it?!

The most shocking thing happened this week, I had a normal week! No sickness, no natural disasters, nope, not even a papercut. Hermana Thurgood said that I hit the bottom with my last hospital trip so it´s all unhill from now on haha.

We are teaching a great couple who have been investigating for 3 years and they arent married and he didnt want to be married so that was problem. i met them about 2 weeks ago and felt very strongly that I just had to really bare testamony to Miguel, the man, about the love God has for him. My companion had told me that he was really hard hearted and jsut wasnt interested. And well I just poured my heart out to this guy and he just melted! He confided in us about his fears and the sadness he has felt losing his mum a few years ago. And well, it looks like we will have wedding and a baptism to attend! It was incredible!

The elders in our area this week have really shoed us that they need mothers haha. 
Firstly: I get a text at 10:20pm tuesday saying: "Hna Wilson, how long does banana bread take to cook?" and so i reply about 30mins and then I get a responce: "And if we put it in a pizza tray?" so I call because I am thinking: Is this a joke? Nope not a joke! They put the cake mix on a 1inch deep pizza tray and they didnt put baking powder because they didnt have any haha. the next day they brought us some and well it was about 1.5cm high and cut like a pizza hahaha. 
Then friday I call the elders durring weekly planning to organise some things and ask if there is anything that I can do for them and Elder Powlus says his companion is vomiting and what should he do. So here we are at 10:30am rushing over to the elders with Pepto-Bismol, anti-nausea tablets, apples, fever medicine and chicken soup hahaha, I guess it was my turn to look after someone else. 
That night we call to see how he is doing and he says, "I felt great about n hour after the medicine so we went to lunch with some members and I ate 12 empanadas and 4 waffles and didnt even feel sick! Miracle medicines hermana! You saved my life!" I couldnt believe it! Only an elder would do that after vomiting all night haha. 

Saturday we went to the temple and had a great time with our investigator! She is halarious! Sheis almost 70 but is so young at heart and so cheeky. She saw all the young elders in Missionary Training Centre and she said, "Oh yes I would like to be 19 and mormon for those lads" hahaha. Her hairdresser cut our hair and gave us a cream treatment for free this morning, it was great, she trimmed my hair really well thank goodness! 

Love you all! I hope youre all doing fantastic dang it! 

Hermana Wilson

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