Monday, 9 November 2015

Awesome Week!

This week went great! Had some awesome lessons and found some new people to teach.

It is relaly HOT! And its not even summer! Its about 28c and 100% humity and I kinda wanna die! In one day I got a tan line on my feet, miracle right there! And my tan I mean a little less white than before haha.

Our bathroom broke... like the pipes were blocked or something which wasnt cool and the Elders made fun of us haha. But it is all fixed now! (It wasnt me...)

Elder Spitale of the area 70 came to speak to us which was areal honor. He gave us lots of advice on how we can hasten the work of salvation here in our little area of Buenos Aires. President spoke to us about being consecrated to the work and finished his speak saying "Please! Dont do anything DUMB! I ws you age once, I know what it going through your heads right now! Dont do it!" He also talked about being swag and said, "You cant be swag, you have to be mission president for that!" haha.
Elder Spitale said that in Gods time our mission is 2 minutes for the Sisters and 3 Minutes for the Elders, which really hit me, coz this week my first minute it over! GONE!  I only have 1 minute left! I understand why they ask us to leave everything to really just be dedicated and dligent and work hard, because really we are only working 2 minutes in the work of eternity. 2 minutes and then I have the rest of my life for everything else. 

I dont have much time today! But I will see you all in 1 minute! Agust 23rd 2016 :O Thats such a scary thought....  
We are off for ice cream today to celebrate my 9 months and Hna Llanquinaos 6 months. 

Love you all!

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