Monday, 20 July 2015

Merry Christmas

This week was great! We werent sick!!

Our Zone meeting on Tuesday was EPIC! Normally zone meeting is boring and we just sit at the table and learn stuff. But we played this cool game it is impossible to explain but we were running all over the place and it ended with a lolly scramble. Our Zone leader Elder Brush is just really happy ALL THE TIME, I dont know how he does it. He is a Marine and has to keep in shape in the mission and so he gets up 2 hours early every day to do exersize, he is rock! I dont know how he has the energy to be so crazy!

 Elder Bush is obsessed with Christmas and since I also really love christmas (Got that from Mummy) I fueled the fire and we got our whole zone singing christmas songs at zone meeting and today my companion and I and a few others had  little christmas haha. It was loads of fun! I made cookies, obviously! But I burnt the first batch haha
And the Elders got us some cool gifts, it was really nice of them haha.
 All the zone turned up at 11am and we played Soccer (I watched obviously) and watched Tangled! I love that movie! It is a very "Trunky" (makes you think of home) movie for missionaries, whenever there was anytihn romantic everyone was teasing the Assistant, Elder Peterson, because he is going home in a few weeks haha. It was really funny. 

We went and visited president and Hermana Thurgood to steal the DVD (they have a huge collection of Disney movies in their house) and had a chat with them, it was really weird to just be in their house looking at movies in our jeans and T-shirts. Hermana Thurgood said we are gonna celebrate my birthday in a month and she gave us Kit Kats that her children brought her from the states. I love them so much! We see them again on Wednesday because we have interviews with President. 

We didnt have hot water in the bathroom for a few days this week, its was not cool! Something broke, I didnt understand what the repair man was saying so I just nodded and agreed, some rubber thing broke... But year we were showering with a bucket of water from the kitchen and it was quite funny. Then just when it got fixed the light above our study area exploded and the whole thing fell from the ceiling. We rang the Pensioneros and said "We saw a pillar of light exactly above our heads, above the brightness of the sun, which descended gradually until it fell upon us." and they just about died of laughter. (Mormons will get it) . It still isnt fixed, so studying at night =picnic time in the kitchen. 

Love you all!
The Church Is True!
Have a good week!!

Hermana Wilson

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