Monday, 3 August 2015

Hungry, Cold, Wet, Tired and Poor! But loving it!

This week was somewhat of a disaster! Litterally! 

Sunday last week our water in the bathroom stopped working, it only drizzled out so that was annoying. But we were managing okay with buckets of water from the kitchen. 
Tuesday was a normal day.
Wednesday we went to the chapel to help our friend Ana make her wedding centre pieces and Hermana Rodrigues got hot glue on her finger and burnt it pretty bad, she is really delicate haha, everyone was laughing at her because twice she almost fainted haha. I love her! hahahaha
We got home on Wednesday and we had no electricity and only 2 candles, so that was interesting, we couldnt really study so we went to bed at 9pm. For some strange reason there was electricity in the apartment halways so we took the microwave out there to make some food haha.
Thursday we still didnt have electricity... or water... or food because everything we had needed to be cooked and obviusly the oven didnt work- and also because Friday was th day we got our monthly money so we were really poor haha. 
So we left to work without a shower and having eaten a bit or cereal and then at 11am it started to rain, we werent prepared so we got really wet! We had lunch with  family and when we left the streets were flooded! Like completely, you couldnt see the road or footpaths at all, we waded through water that was about up to mid.thigh until we reached our apartment where it was only about knee deep. We went and got our cameras and took some photos. Then we rang the Elders incharge of making sure our flats are all good and the only missionaries that have a car and  told them we were in a river, without electricity, food or running water and so they came to get up. They have a truck/ute so they managed to get to Lanus with all the water. They took us to the mission home and we stayed with the Sister Training Leaders in Banfield that night. 

Friday it was still raining but we headed back to Lanus to see if we could help some of the people whose houses had flooded. The streets werent as bad friday. Friday was also Ana´s wedding! Poor girl! so many things went wrong, as well as the weather. In the morning she had her civil wedding with all her family and got really wet. Then they were married in the temple in the afternoon and the cars didnt arrive to take them from the wedding to the reception. They arrived at the reception at 9:20pm so we watched them enter and then left. It was the "trunkiest" moment of my mission.... Seriously! To all you missionaries out there: Do not go to a wedding! Hermana Rodrigues and I got home and were sitting there like "awww so cute!""Theyre sealed for all eternity" "In my wedding im gonna have......" It was bad. The next day we were like "Hmmm year we were pretty trunky" haha
Saturday we had lunch with Ana´s Sister and Ana turned up to pick up some of her stuff so she showed us all the photos and videos and told us about the temple sealing and we were just like "hmmmmm please stop" haha. 

Yesterday we had a completely normal day! It was amazing! We visited lots of people, had a really spiritual time in church as it was Fast and Testimony. Lots of people got up and bore their testimonies and it is always lovely to hear people expressing their faith.
 Last night we went to bed after a warm shower and we turned out the lights, we didnt blow it out. It was magical!!

Next week is transfers and for the first time in my mission both my companion and I are staying! I will get to have the same companion for two transfers in a row! YAY! Hermana Rodriguez and I get along super well thank goodness! haha

I hope that you are all well!
I love you all so much 

Hermana Wilson

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