Monday, 10 August 2015

Barely Survived My First 6 Months In Argentina!!! Woop Woop!

Hey Everyone!

Yay I am still in Lanus with Hermana Rodriguez! This will be the first time in all my mission that I will have the same transfer for 2 tranfers! 

So tomorrow I will have completed my first 6 months as a missionary! One third of my time here is already over! It really doesnt feel like 6 months ago that I said goodbye to everyone in Auckland Airport! 

Shout out to my bestest buddy Sister D. Craig who now has a year in the mission! 

This week started out normal, as in we had a normal monday and a normal tuesday and then it all went wrong after that. It rained all week!

Our recent convert gave us a delicious cake the other day, we took one bite and realised that it was soaked in a really strong alcohol, I think theyre gonna send me home for this haha. 

Wednesday morning the electrical sockets stopped working so we rang the Elders Moro and Navarette and they said they would send someone. The repairman arrived on thursday just as it began to rain really hard and the power cut. By the time the repairman left we were in the middle of a huge storm and the streets were flooded again! Our flat is a disaster! They are looking for a new one for us. We are the first people to live there and have come to the conclusion that they built it with all the cheepest materials, everything is brocken. The electrician said that the wiring in the walls is not sufficiently strong enough for the amount of electricity that it uses, even with just one heater going it burns the wiring! So our buddies Elder Navarette and Elder Moro sent us a car to take us to live with the other sisters in Banfield since they were too far away to come and get us this time. We are there indefinately, but sometime stay the night in Lanus just coz its easier. It is really fun staying with the girls though, its like a sleepover every night haha. Last night there were 8 of us in the apartment because it is transfers today so some of the west and east sisters were staying with us for the night.

Our little investigator Selene is recovering really well! In the end they didnt have to operate on her burns and she is excited to be baptised in a couple of months. I love teaching children, they are so pure and good. Her 6 year old brother Mateo is with us in the lessons now and is a delight! He came running down the street when he saw us the other day and gave us a huge hug, he covered me in mud but I dont even care! 
We made a new friend the other day, her name is Paola and she is 23, she was trapped out in the storm so we offered to walk her to the main street with our umbrellas and she is really lovely. 

Saturday we had an amazing sctivity at the chapel that we have been planning for ages called Trip To Hawaii. We made the stage into a plane and invited two really funny Elders to be the piolots and we were the air hostesses. We made flower necklaces and everything. Then after the flight had been going for about 10 minutes (10 halarious minutes as the captain is basically a comedian) we started to have some turbulence and all went wrong. We flickered the lights and burst ballons and had explodign sound effects and banged pots together and showered everyone with water. Then the piliots appeared dressed as angels and told everyone that they had died and would be taken for a tour through the spirit world and the three kingdowms of heaven, it was such a success!! Everyone loved it! We had publicised really well making tickets and hanging posters and 50 people came! Normally bout 15 people come to the activities, we were really pleased and everyone had a great time. 

Sunday it began to rain harder than usual so we went running to the flat in Lanus because we knew it would flood and we soon wouldnt be able to get home. At about 8pm Elder Moro and Navarette were going to come and pick us up to take us to the sisters flat in Banfield but they had to go rescue some Sisters who were locked out of their flat in the west. So they sent a car to come and get us again, Leo is our driver, he is really swag, wears legging and has his ear pierced, likes to listen to Bruno Mars in the car haha. Leo called us at 8:30 to say he couldnt get to us because of the flood. We go down stairs and the water is at the door!! We rangElder Moro and Navarette and told them we were chilling with Nemo in Lanus and said we would try get to the car. We went a few blocks and eventually realised that to get to the car we were going to have to get wet more than just our feet... So we found a spot that we knew had a spead bump and went swimming up to our knees! It was freezing cold! But Leo was faithfully waiting on the otherside to help us out haha. It was a true adventure! So we are obviously still living in Banfield!

Today we said goodbye to Elder Navarette who has saved my life a few times in the past 6 months, he has finished his time as a Pensionero and is now back in the field as a normal missionary, we have the same birthday and he asked me what I wanted and I said a washing Machine, so Elder Moro and Elder Navarette bought me a washing machine... photos are attached haha. 

These past 6 months have been life changing! I have learnt more than I ever imagined. It has truly been an honour to serve the Lord here and be His hands to help the people of Argentina. I wouldnt ever change this decision. I have seen the amazing influence that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has on the lives of people, the happiness and purpose that they find or rediscover when we enter into their homes and bring with us the love of Christ. 
The people I have met, other missionaries, members and non-members will be forever written across my soul because they have all given me something anf taugh me something that I would not have otherwise been able to learn. 

Its a long one this weeek!! Hope you are all well!! Love you all!!

Hermana Wilson

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