Monday, 24 August 2015

A week in the offices!

Well I forgot my agenda today, which has written in it all the things  had to tell you all this week... I can remember lots of it but here goes!

It didnt rain this week! In fact it was really hot about 2 of the days, and really cold the rest of the days. Bienvenida a Argentina!

We had intercambios so I spent a day in Banfield which was nice, the members there fed us so much I thought I would explode! We did hard core exersize the next day coz we jsut felt really gluggy. 

On thursday we spend half the day in the mission offices because I had paperwork to do, it was really funny becaue the office staff are really funny and the missionaries that work there too are always cracking jokes. 
Plus the offices had to call my mum and couldnt understand a word she was saying with her kiwi accent haha.
The next day we were back there for visa things that my companion had to do. So we had two crazy days. 

Yesterday we had training for a family history expo we are going to be doing with the city council. 10,000 people are going to be there! 

We got new mattresses! That was cool! The "House Elders"/pensioneros showed up with them for us and we were super happy, my mattress had a huge hole in the middle haha. We wanted to ride the only mattresses down the stairs, but they were worried we´d get hurt and wouldnt let us unfortunately. 

Is my birthday in a week and it looks like we are all going to go eat as a zone and the ward are planning something too, that should be fun!

Well.... ya fue... I dont remember the funny/cool things I had to say this week. Youll have to wait until next week!

Here´s some photos of me sitting on the wall of our patio. -For all you mothers out there, on the other side of the wall is another patio, its only a 1.5m drop haha.

Shout out to Elder Levi Turner who will soon have 1 year in the mission field! 

Love you all,
Hermana Wilson

P.S in exactly one year I will be landing in Auckland Airport! But that on your callendar :P

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