Monday, 17 August 2015

We almost had a normal week!! Shocking!

Hey all!

This week was the most normal that we have had in a while. I invested in some seriouly wicked red rainboots, because it had been raining for 3 weeks straight and then 2 days later it stopped raining....

Buenos Aires looks like a tsunami hit it, our area isnt so bad, but there have been ten thousand people evacuated due to flooding. If you google it i am sure youll see lots of photos of the floods. 
The drinking watre got contaminated too so there are a lot of sick people, but we never drink tap water so its not a concern for us really. 

Tuesday we got to move back into our apartment with all the repairs done and the water had gone down. We got to go shopping to replace the things we had lost which was so much fu, we went to a mall, for the first time in FOREVER! It was an amazing experience, even if all we did by was chilled foods and cleaning supplies haha. 

President Thurgood called us out in the New Missionaries and their Trainers Meeting on friday saying, "Two of the sisters in this room, ahem Hermana Wilson and Hermana Rodriguez, completely disregarded the rules this week and went swimming in the river outside their house." haha then he called us out again when he was talking about getting along with our companions and said "Yes, Hermana Wilson and Hermana Rodriguez have to talk to me afterwads because they just dont get along at all!" haha, that shows that Pres. understands how great friends we are or he would never have said that haha. 

I hope that President Thurgood leaves Hermana Rodri and I together for another transfer. I was chatting to Sister Thurgood on tuesday and word had spread quickly of the prank that was pulled on us last week saying we were going to be split up haha.

I dont have any photos this week because it was a really normal week... I do have a photo of the cutest little earthquake of a child Diana who really gives meaning to terrible twos. She emptied a bottle of oil over the sofa when we were there the other day, last time she put a pot of sugar in the fish tank and then came running to me when hre mum told her off haha. She calls me Hemama Wiwsom, shes very cute, but I am glad she is not my child. 

It hard to see how the people live here, especially after a storm like we had. A little 6 or 7 year old girl in the station came up to me the other day and gave me a little card that says "Te Amo" which means I love you. She was giving little cards and asking for money. It truly broke my heart, who knows what kind of situation she was in that her parent would send her begging in the station. I gave her some money which she put in her little purse with the other cards and then I gave her a picture of Jesus Christ with children and she looked at it for a while, looked around and then shoved it in her pocket. She probablñy tried to sell it later, but I like to think that she kept that one. In that same station was a little dog squashed into a tiny box shivering and I seriously just felt really heart broken. 
 I realise how lucky I am to have grown up in the country that I did and to have the family that I have. 

Count your blessings!!

Love you all!

Hermana Wilson

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