Monday, 12 October 2015

Fwd: Sapita! Baptisms! And cakes for all!

Hola everyone!

I have finally accepted that I am just not going to have a normal week here in the beautiful Argentina Buenos Aires South Mission! haha

This week my hay fever really went crazy and I woke up with  frog face, my eyes were so swollen, it was not cool. Im on a new medicine now that stops me from suffering too much but doesnt completely get rid of the symptoms.My new nickname is Sapita which means little frog haha. Ill attach a photo of my eyes just before all the syptoms were gone, the other photo is too traumatic haha.

This week I made a delish birthday cake for my awesome companion Hermana Llanquinao who turned 20! We had balloons, cake and visited a few members, it was a nice day for her although it was also a normal working day. I am glad my birthday was on PDay!

Hna Lanquinao recieved some bad news last monday from her family. Her sister burnt her leg and was in the hospital, he sister is alergic to a type of medicine and the doctors knew that but gave her that medicine by accident and her organs began to swell up and she went into cardian arest. Thankfully they were able to revive her and she is now well and back at home. 

My old zone leader Elder Palacios has been having problems with his knee for a while now and monday he was sent home. He only had 4 months left of his mission and is from here in Argentina so he was Released With Honor durring the zone activity on Monday, so half way through the activity he was no longer Elder Palacios, but Pablo Palacios. Was a weird change so we called him Pablito Palacios haha. 

One ofthe funny moments this week was when the elders in our area asked us if we could visit some of their investigators who are women and they cant teach them without a male present and theres never a male. So GPS Elder Polus sent us all over Burzaco with his campion directions.... Yeah we spent 2 hours searching for a house and eventually found one that had, as he said: "A green fence, 2 old cars outsite and is on the corner" we knocked and an old lady cae out who tried to convince usto buy a washing line... yeah it wasnt her. We were dying of thirst and saw a man gardening and looked at each other and Hna Llanquinao says "Theres shame in robbing not in asking Hermana Wilson!" So we went and asked for water and met him and his wife and had a juice and lesson with them haha.
2 days later we gotlsot again visiting one of the elders investigators, hanks to GPS Powlus, he owes us big time! 

Saturday our ward had 3 baptisms! Alexis who is 10, Toby who is 8 and Miriam who is an adult. The elders were goofing around before and put on baptism dressed haha.
It was such a special experience! Elder Polus baptised all three and it really felt like we were at the waters of Mormon haha. We have another baptism this coming saturday, 13 year old Guiliano! He is awesome, his dad died when he was young and lives with his mum, we met him because his uncle is a member and he came to play soccer at the church. He´s had the lessons for a while now but we invited him to baptism 3 weeks ago. I asked him on Saturday why he wants to be baptised and he said without even thinking about it: "Because I want to recieve the girft of the Holy Ghost to guide me." It was so incredible to hear him say that with such conviction! His uncle is going to baptise him on Saturday, today he has his interview.

Thats all for this week! Hope you are all doing well, I loveto hear from you all, even when I dont reply!


Hermana Wilson

P.S A quote I heard this week which I liked very much: "Our youth need less critics and more examples to follow." 

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