Monday, 5 October 2015

New Apartment! General Conference! and Inspiring Investigators!

Well on tuesday we moved into our new apartment!! Yay, but when I say move in I mean we took our clothes and our mattresses and that´s it haha.
Camping in our little house! It is so nice, it is a little house! I would be happy to have it as my first house haha. We were joking that it is nicer than our houses are gonna be when we are first married haha.

Wednesday we got a microwave and we got to go shopping for all the new stuff, but we didnt get beds or desks or afridge until thursday haha. We were eating out every day so now we are super poor haha. 

The most beautiful part of getting a new house was when the Elders dropped us off there and we all kneeled down and Elder Bavelas blessed the house. I was feeling a little scared to sleep in an empty house but it was such a beautiful blessing given with so much love for us and the missionaries that would live there in the future that after I felt completely safe. The spirit is strong in our house:)
Plus there are 5 keys needed to get in haha, 3 doors down a passageway and then the one into our patio and the one into the hosue. We are litterally very safe there haha. 

I loved General Conference this weekend! It was great to listen to the inspiring words of our dear prophet and apostles. I got to watch it in English this time, in the mission offices with all the Americans and we had a great time. I love hearing the voices of the apostles rather than the translater so I was happy to see it in english. Ive attached a few of my favourite quotes :)

I had the honor and priviledge this week to have lunch with an inspiring woman called Vanessa. She is an investigator that the Elders in our ward are teaching and she invited us to lunch. I have never met anyone with such a pure desire to be baptised to follow Christ and to share her joy with all around her. She has had a few problems which mean she cant be baptised for about 2 more months and has been faithfully waiting for about 4 months now. She shared with us her story and told us how she used to mock her family for their devotion to God and this gospel, she didnt understand why they were always at church and always talking about the things they were learning, she would get frustrated at how their answer to EVERY problem had a spiritual tone and she had no desire to listen to the missionaries. But one day she saw the missionaries walking past in the rain and decided that she should let them in to keep out of the rain. They taught her and she began to see and feel the truth of their message. She said she is like her family now, always at the church activities and wanting to share this truth with her children and so unbelievable joyful and at peace with the world with this new understanding that she has. I felt the truth of what she was saying and was reminded of how I felt when I was taught this life changing truth by faithful friends and missionaries. Vanessa reminded me why I am here in Argentina! To share the joy that I have, a joy I found when I didnt even know I was looking for it. And reminded me that even those who really think they are not interested, who really think they have all they need in their lives can find the completness every soul searches for, when they imbrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I hope that you are all well, I love you all dearly and truly appreciate your love and support! 

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