Monday, 11 July 2016

Daughter number 2 on the way! Hehe

This week has been AMAZING! One of the best of my whole mission.

Let me start off my explaining the caption haha, I am about to be a Mum for the second time, aka, i am going to be training a new missionary who arrives tomorrow from the Misisonary Training Center. I dont know where she is from yet.
Hermana Rodriguez, my first daughter has just completed 1 year in the mission, i am literally recieving my 2nd daughter exactly one year after the first. It is going to be hard to beat the relationship that Hermana Rodriguez and I have because we are super close, but i know I am going to have a great 6 weeks together, because yes.... as of today I officially have 6 weeks left of my mission! Today is also my 17th birthday month here in Argentina!
I am with the amazing Hermana Shepard until we recieve our daughters tomorrow.

I had to go into the hospital on Thursday for a lump on my wrist which after a few tests turns out to be a ganglion cyst, nothing serious at all. We got to stay with Hermana Rodriguez and her companion and obviously Rodri and I spent a good many hours catching up! She is not at all happy to be recieving a sister, poor jealous big sister haha.

Other things that happened this week:
1. Kid was being naughty in sacrement and the mum goes to take him out and he screams: "Bishop! Help me! Help me!" haha
2. Our district leader made up his own little crazy aerobics dance and we did that in district meeting to some EFY music, was really funny!
3. We ate ice cream as a district to say goodbye to each other, all in scarfs and hats and gloves because it was reall cold haha.
4. Its sweet week here in Argentina! "Candy for a kiss", i got a few candies from people and obviously i gave the famales a kiss ON THE CHEEK, dont bew getting too scandalized anyone.
5. saw a halarious marquee set up on the side of the road which had written above: Marquee of Miracles! haha, its where you go to buy blessings from God! Amazing right? If i had known that blessings could be bought i would have stayed home working instead of coming on the mission, shame i found that one out 6 weeks before the end! :P haha
6. My Dog Torti is on vacation, the block all pitched in to get her spayed and the neighbour is taking care of her until she recovers from her operation.
7: The BEST day of my mission happened..... I got a call on Wednesday from Hermana Rodriguez saying that on saturday we would be companions again for the day since president had giving us special permission to go to Selene´s baptism in Lanus! Missionaries here NEVER recieve permission to go to baptisms in previous areas, but since Selene had that traumatic experience of being burnt before her baptism last year President Calquin thought it would be a great surprise for her if we went. So my daughter and i left our companions working in Adrogue and returned to Lanus for the first time in nearly a year and I cannot even explain what an amazing experience it was! I saw all my converts from there and gave the talk on baptism and we both sung a childrens hymn. There were a lot of tears! Selene cried when she saw us as did Lorena and Agustina, we cried hugging members and converts and great friends. I cannot explain the emense joy i felt seeing how well all the people are there, people that i really poured my soul into helping while i was there!
There´s a photo attached with Selene just after she came out of the water, im gonna try to send more but my camera is being a little lame connecting to this computer.

Love you all!

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