Monday, 25 July 2016

1 Month to go.......

Hey all!!

Not much to report this week. I survived my infection, im all done with the antibiotics and although im still coughing I can breathe well. Today i even did exersize for the first time in 2 weeks! Felt great! 

Today we are in Lomas de Zamora shopping! I am buying a few things to take home and my companion is buying a few things that she needs. 

Suday I was asked to teach the Young Womens class and I loved it! I love being with the youth,theyre so great and i love seeing faithful young people. 

Our recent convert Gino brought his 8 year old brother Agustin (who is to be baptised in 2 weeks!) and 4 year old sister Guadalupe to church on sunday, poor little Guada felt totally asleep on my arm in sacrement meeting haha, but they both enjoyed the primary class!

Im short on time today, but ive attached a photo of me making waffles with the Petito family yesterday! It was great fun and really delish! I want a waffle machine!

See you all in 1 month!

Hermana Wilson

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