Monday, 7 September 2015

A great birthday and then brochitis

Hey all!!

I thanks for all the emails for my birthday, I am still trying to respond to them haha

This week started off great we had 2 new peole to teach and I had a fantastic day at Parque De Lomas with our zone playing sport (Well, I watched) eating loads of cake ad goofying around as usual haha

I was given so many cakes, seriously, like 5 cakes. I had to freeze 2 of them haha. I guess this is my blessings for always making cakes for the missionaries back home on their birthdays haha. I also got caked in the face as is tradition here haha
I even had a song written for me! It was a great birthday!

We have spent 4 days in the flat this week, was rediculously boring! My companion had a bit of the flu last week but not bad enough that we couldnt work and then wednesday I went and got some immunisations and I guess it lowered my defenses because I woke up broken on thursday, my lungs were on fire and all my muscles hurt and I have a lovely cough and it turns out I got a nasty case of bronchitis, but today I am feeling much better, we are going to go and watch a disney movie and eat hamburgers and left over cake with the district. Henze why we are emailing so early again. 

It was our mission presidents birthday this week and we had it all planned to go and heart attack his house and leave baloons tied to the fence and then we chickened out haha. We figured that President Thurgood would probably prefer that we do our morning studies thanleave our area to celebrate his birthday haha. We rang him instead haha.

The cutest thing that I saw this week was a 4 year old and a 6 year old having the biggest agrument I have ever seen here, over who would say the prayer to bless the food haha. I hope that my children are that anxious to pray!
 In the end the 4 year old Luciano won and his prayer went something like this, "God, big father, bless my mummy, daddy, my brother and bless those really pretty girls who are sisters (Hna Rodri and I obviously). Bless angry birds because I like to play it. Bless me, little Lucianito Cardenas. Bless everything, even the dogs in the streets that bark. In the name of Jesus, Amen" 
hahahahhaha He didnt even bless the food in the end, but I think that God understands haha

I hope that you all have a fantastic week,
I love you, yes you!

Hermana Wilson

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