Monday, 21 September 2015

Craziest Week of the mission! And Transfers :(

Hola queridos amigos y familiares!

Well this week we moved back into our appartment finally, it was super disrupting going back and forth from Banfield all the time! We barely taught any lessons at all.

My beautiful Senlle family took us out for dinner in a restaurant on Saturday night, I lvoe them so much. Theyre the ones who surprised us with food sometimes and washed our clothes and just looked after us so well. Im gonna miss them!
Last night we made cookies with our super cute neighbour Noelia, shes 25 and we did exercise with her in the mornings sometimes, so i´m gonna miss her. 

I got to go in the car this week, we dont travel much in cars, mostly walking or on train or bus and never for more than 15 minutes so I am not used to it and got really carsick the first day... NOT COOL.

Today was transfers, I absolutely DEPISE transfers, 1. because I have been split up from my baby Hermana Rodriguez, which was really sad! She is my best friend and we have been together 3 months which is the longest I have had with a companion. 2. because I loved my area! The members there are like my family and I have 2 converts there and a family to be baptised. and 3.  I HATE packing! Nothing fits in my suitcases anymore... Like seriously.. I had to use one fo Hna Rodriguez´ and the elders are going to take her suitcse back to her durring the week. When I got home it wont be such a problem because i´ll leave all the bedding and towels and shoes and boots and the majority of my clothes, but I have so much sutff and I need it all. Plus loads of books. Packing was really stressful!

However its not all bad! My area is called Burzaco, its only 30 mins of so from Lanus and it is really nice, we have BIKES!! YAY! I seriously love bikes, my legs are gonna be super strong in a couple of weeks haha and now that it is going into summer bikes are the best because we have a little bit of breeze. My new companion is great! She has 5 months in the mission and is from Chile, her name is Hermana Llaquinao (said: yanki now) and she was in my zone a tranfer ago so I know her well, shes halarious! 
My zone is Zona Adrogue which is the area of the mission offices, every Tuesday I will be in the offices so I will get to see President and Hermana Thurgood quite a bit and the couple there Hermana and Elder Mitchell who are just the cutest! 
My Zone leader is Elder Powlus who was my district leader in my first transfer in the mission back in La Plata Sur Olmos. So its cool to be working with him again too, we share our area with them. Soon we are going to be their neighbours coz we are moving in a few weeks or so. 

I am pleased to be in a new area, I know I am going to grow to love it here and hopefully we will have great success spreading the gospel and helping the people here. 
My time in Lanus was really unsettled and I am hoping that i´ll just be able to launch in and work hard here. But i´m not hoping too much because this is Argentina and we are missionaries, something ALWAYS goes wrong haha.

I havent unpacked yet and my camera is in my suitcase, so next week I will send photos.

I am really happy, just so you all know! It hit me this week, that even with all the stress and crazyness and worries of the mission I am always jsut so crazily happy ALL THE TIME! I want to shout it from the rooftops, this work, this Gospel and all the many blessings I have -friends, family, health ect- just make me so happy. I couldnt ask for anything more. 
The mission not to be jsut survived, it is to be lived, to be enjoyed and to be loved. It frustrates me when missionaries take thing waaay too seriously and forget to have fun! It is possible to work hard and enjoy yourself too, that is something I really learnt in my first few months in the mission.
 I have no regrets, I am enjoying almost every moment (Except when I am sick, then I generally have a cry for my mummy haha)

I love you all! I hope you are well! I hope you are happy! If youre not- talk to the missionaries!  haha

Hermana Wilson

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