Monday, 16 May 2016

All over the place kinda week!

This week was CRAZY! 

I have litterally been all over the mission, Monte Grande, Ezeiza, Burzaco, San Miguel de Monte, Adrogue, Temperley..... I think thats all! 

We had intercambios with the Sisters from Los Flores, I was here most of the week with Hermana Shepard, but she had to do some visa stuff so we had to go around a bit for that and had to travel to meet up with our companions in Monte.

Funny thing happened on tuesday, Hermana Shepard was cooking eggs and the whole hosue was filling with smoke! I was like "hermana what are you burning!" and shes like "Nothing! I dont know where the smoke is coming from!". The eggs litterally were not burning and so we were really confused. Then about 10 minutes later when the whle house is filled with smoke i remember that I put two slices of bread in the oven when I got up and hd forgotten. They were totally burnt! That what happens when you dont have a toaster..... also happens when I do have a toaster haha. I can cook a meal, a cake, cookies but I really cant do toast haha. It took about 3days to get the burnt smell out of our flat haha.

My comp super glued her fingers together this week, another story for another time. Took ages to un stick them! We were wondering if wed have to go to the hospital! We really didnt want to have to call the zone leaders and tell them shed stuck her fingers together, that would be embarrassing!

Saturday was the baptism and 8th birthday of Isabela Franco and the 1st birthday of her little sister Antonela. We helped out with food and obviously with the baptism, it was great! Theyre a lovely family!

We have a few new people who we are teaching. Liber came to church on Sunday and is just a great guy, we only met him on friday and he´s just so enthusiastic to learn! Its great!

I got sassed by our senior misionary Elder Mitchell who works in the offices this week! I called about some finance stuff and he said "Elder Colman says hi", Elder Colman arrived with me in the mission and it was the 11th, the day we arrived so i said "Tell Elder Colman happy 15 months!" and Elder Mitchell says, "Elder Colman, Hermana Wilson says Happy Birthday Honey!" apparently Elder Colman nearly fell off his chair and im just yelling "Thats not what I said!" And elder and Sister Mitchell just thought they were too funny! We went into the ofices later that day to pic some stuff up and they had costumes and decorations for the "quinciñera" which is a party they have here when someone turns 15. Love the office staff haha

Cute stuff always happen with babies here haha. 
1. We had lunch with the relief society president and her two year old son is just being toilet trained and so he just comes running out and throwing his brand new undies at us. He was so excited to show us and his mum is just like "Alen! The sisters dont want to see your underwear! "haha
2. Even though it is pday we had lunch with some members today coz theyre great. The dad doesnt want his 1.5 year old to go on a mission when she grows up and when I arrived in the area he had her trained, he would say: "Catalina, are you gonna go on a mission?" and she would say "no!" and then he would ask "Are you gonna get married Catalina?" and she would say "Yes!". Well today, because I am a great example to her, i said "Cata, are you gonna go on a mission?" and she said "Yes!" and I asked "Cata, are you gonna get married?" and she said "no!". It was halarious, her dad was trying to get her to say she wasnt going on a mission and she wasnt having any of that! Her mum took a video, it was so funny. She is only 18 months but speaks A LOT. She sings full songs. She cant quite say Hermana so she calls me "Mana". 

Well thats my week! Heres some photos. The cake thing is an Alfajor, theyre the most common thing ever here but so delish! Theyre the reason that missionaries get fat haha. We had one to celebrate my 15 months. Excuse my morning look with the burnt toast, but yeah, it was the morning!

Love you all!!

Hermana Wilson

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