Monday, 30 May 2016

I love to see the TEMPLE!

This week went really well, it was a little disorganised because we discovered on Tuesday that they were going to do a "Whitewash", in our area, which means they took me AND my companion out and put Elders in, since there arent enough Hermanas in the mission. so we had to organise everything for them to arrive and fill in detailed reports so that no one we are teaching gets forgotten, sicne theyre going to arrive and not know anyone. 

Was really sad to say goodbye to everyone, especially the people we are teaching. In the next few weeks theyre going to be baptised and so we will miss the baptisms :(

Sometimes i am just blown away at how much kindness the people here show me. Everyone was really sad i was leaving, some even cried, i got a few gifts from people and a recent convert Adela is making me a dress that I designed with her! I chose the fabric and she is a profesional, so its going to be lovely! 

Yesterday we had dinner with a Brazilian family and ate Arroz Feijoada, which is a tipical dish from brazil... it is actually really nice but it is a pigs foot stew with black beans... I ate it ! Everyone just laughed at me while i ate it haha. Its my companions favourite food!

My new area is the area beside the temple! Ciudad Evita 2, Aldo Bonzi. Its a really nice area and my companion is great, she has 3 months in the mission and is from Chaco Argentina! Shes lovely!
But im back to handwashing my clothes....

As of today i am officially the oldest sister in the mission, in time in the mission! I even got my flight plan... ill be arriving home at 4.30am Wednesday 24th of August 2016..... 

Well, o cant send photos today, my SD card has a virus and the photos wont open on the computer:( Gonna take it to see it someone can take the virus off. 

I hope you are all well, love you all!!

Hermana Wilson

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