Monday, 9 May 2016

Happy Mothers Day!

This week flew by, we were litterally so busy that I didnt even have time to think about the fact I was going to skype my family until the night before! 

This week we had intercambios with the Hermanas from Ezeiza, I was with Hermana Walker who has just a mere 3 weeks in the mission, feels like yesterday that I was there! But this wednesday I will have been here 15 months! Shes so sweet and learning spanish and the lessons really quickly. As they would say here ella es una capa! 

Thursday we had interviews with President Thurgood, it was the last interview i will have with him since they leave in about 6 weeks and a new President will be arriving. 
We had a training about bike saftely which included a really halarious video and we also had a training on how to protect ourselves from Dingue Fever, since theres an outbreak of that right now. We have mosquito gaurds on the windows and replent and we have been given a chemical that we have to spray all our clothes with and let them dry and it is a permenant replelent for about 6 weeks. 

Friday we had a Tormenta Blanca (White Storm)! I dont know why its called that, maybe because of the Elders white shirts? Well anyway, its when all the missionaries in the zone come to a particular area and work for the day. It was a lot of planning on our part, we had to organise where each companionship was going to go and mark it on the map and put little crosses where they had to stop and then number each cross and write who the person is and if theyre a member, non-member, contact, or investigator. It took us about 4 hours or more to sort it all out. 
But the event was a real sucess! We found loads of new people to teach :D 
The next day it took about 3 hours to sort out all the paperwork we got back from everone and write everything in the area book ect. 

Saturday I skyped my family!! It was great to see everyone! The weirdest thought is that the next time I see them will be in 3 months in the airport! :O

Saturday night we had the sisters form Los Flores arrive to stay because there was stake conference yesterday and the zone activity is today. Tuesday afternoon we are going to have exchanges with them and my companion is going to be taking the looooog trip to Los Flores until thursday and im going to be here with Hermana Shepard. 
Its gonna be another crazy week because tuesday morning the zone leaders and my companion and I have to do a 2 hour zone council with the district leaders, to let them know what president wants them to be teaching and doing with their districts. 

Hope youre all well!! Love you all!! 

A month ago when we went to San Miguel de Monte
Hermana Shepard and I
Our stairs= anti-robber system haha (we cleaned that up!)
My comp and I taking a selfie in the mirror, our house is a mess coz we have guests and their stuff and mattresses are everywhere haha

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