Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Gino got baptised!

Hey all!

This week was great! Cold but great. They say it is the  coldest it has been at this time of the year in a looong time, it is even thought that it might snow here in Buenos Aires this winter because it has been such a cold autumn. That will be crazy! 

Saturday our investigator Gino was baptised, he is such a great kid! He has been recieving the missionaries for a while and wasnt really sure if he wanted to take that step, but monday we had a really great lesson with him and he just stands up and says "Im going to be baptised!" haha, we asked if he would prepare to be baptised on the 2nd of august and he said, "No! This saturday, im going to be baptsied this saturday, the 11th!" And so it was! We sung a great song at his baptism, all his family came and they are all preparing to be baptised too. Gianluca baptised Gino which was really special because Gianluca was only baptised himself a month ago, although his family were baptsied about a year and a half ago, and just 2 weeks ago Gianluca was sealed for time and all eternity to his parents and sister in the Buenos Aires temple! THIS is missionary work! It was so joyful to see how they have helped each other and love each other. When Gino came out of the water they just stood there in the water hugging, it was so sweet! 

Things here in Ciudad evita are good, I have made great friends with all the amazing families here and we have some lovely people we are teaching. 
We have this lovely old lady called Marta that we are teaching, and she says some of the funniest things! The she calls us: Las Mormonitas, which means "the little mormons" or "Palomitas" which means little doves haha and she will pray and be like "God, please look after the little mormons, the beautiful doves....... a big kiss God, see you later, amen" haha its really funny haha. President went to a lesson with her and he has to be only a few years younger than her and she calls him "dear" she was like "Do you know what its like dear, do you understand dear, how it is to have these angels in my home?" 

I am quite confused about my feelings towards dogs... on one hand sometimes i feel so overcome with compassion for them because there are s many in the streets and then i also feel really annoyed and kinda grossed out coz they bark at us and follow us round. We have a multitude of about 6 dogs that follow us everywhere stirring up all the neighbourhood dogs and annoying the people and we dont feed them or anything! We are just like "Sorry everyone there are NOT our dogs!"
I saw a homeless dog the other day that someone had made a house out of cardboard and dog food bags, i quickly sunk my camera out and snapped a pic!

This week i am getting my hair trimmed.... pray for me haha! I dont trust people with my hair, but its pretty damaged, gotta cut the tips.

Love you all!!

Hermana Wilson

P.S Saturday was my 16th month in the mission .....

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