Monday, 27 June 2016

Re: Farewell President and Sister Thurgood :(

Ooops, attached the wrong photo, that one is with Elder and Sister Mitchel, not the thurgoods haha. 

On Mon, Jun 27, 2016 at 4:13 PM, Micaella Wilson <> wrote:
Well tomorrow we will oficially have a new President here in the Buenos Aires South mission.... President and Hermana Calquin from Chile.
We had a farewell this tuesday with President and Hermana Thurgood and the Mitchells who are also leaving and obviously I cried :( They have been so good to me these last 16 months! They have been with me in the hospital and we have laughed together and had many lovely moments in interviews, chatting on the telefone and in meetings. They really love us all so much and showed special interest in making sure that i was happy and healthy here. 
President Thurgoods final remarks were: "Elders, listen to your mothers and to your future wives. You will find that they are almost ALWAYS right." "Elders and Sisters, if i ever hear that any of you are not attending church, I will find you, and I will punish you! With a visit form me!" 

In big news! Our dog Torti now has a shirt, poor guy lives in the street and need a little swag! Im so in love with that dog haha.

We had an improptu farewell this morning for Elder Lowe :( He broke his hand about 5 weeks ago and they put the cast on badly and well his bones are setting incorrectly so he was told yesterday that he is going home so they can break the bones and re-set them, not nice! Good thing his mum is a doctor. He was supposed to finish with me, so he´s just a couple of months early, but sad all the same.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in 2 months, but really happy to still have a bit more time here!

Love you all!!

Hermana Wilson

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