Monday, 27 June 2016

Last weeks email!

Sorry I didnt send an email last week, was a hectic day because we had ward activity for national flag day (they have public holidays for EVERYTHING here!)

First things first: Thanks to my Argentine companion I now drink Mate Cocido, which is a type of herbal tea that is super common here. Ive been here 16 months and didnt really have much interest, its kinda like green tea, but now i like it. Just in time to go home where there is no Mate Cocido... 

This week we went to the temple as a zone and had lunch there and a conference to say goodbye to our beloved President Thurgood and Sister Thurgood who finish their time here on the 28th :( 
Was a really special time to be with them in the house of the Lord.

In exciting news... I have a dog again! Her name is Tortilla, we call her Torti, she owns the to blocks in front of our house, and is rather cute haha. Those who know me know I dont like dogs except the ones i like... If that makes sense! And i like Torti, I even let her jump on me: Photo attached and I gave her my left over lentils on the way home-big step for me since i like lentils! 

We recieved a few tasty blessings this week! Starting with one day that we didnt have lunch and went to the temple to pick some stuff up and a member from my previous ward bought us lunch in the hostal! Was a miracle! Then a member gifted us cheesy bread! Then on friday we were in our area and walked past the ice cream store and saw the MTC President buying ice cream! We said hi and he said: "Hermanas! Do you want an ice cream? Of course you do! Come here!" and he bought us ice cream! Then that same day our investigator bought us Empanadas which were yummy! And today was the ward activity and they had pastries! The Lord blessed us since we had no food at home except lentils haha. 

I am truly loving my time here, its coming to an end, but thats okay, I know that there are exciting things in the future too!

I love you all and pray for you all!

Hermana Wilson

Photos: Torti our dog. District activity. Me and Alma, one of the young women here. 

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