Monday, 27 April 2015

"A Mission Is Like The Hunger Games" BUT LESS DEPRESSING haha

Hey everyone!
Not sure if this is already posted on my blog, but if so here it is again!

So my companions boyfriend sent her this comparison between the mission and The Hunger Games and we were having a little laugh about it: La Lucha Es Real (the struggle is real). Im gonna try and rewrite it haha

The mission is like the hunger games, first you yell "I volunteer as tribute" coz you wanna sacrifice everything you have, even if it is only to save just one brother or sister. Then the whole town gathers around as you read from a piece of paper and the salute your bravery when you announce youre off to south america.
Then it is time to leave, you have no idea what you are in for, you say goodbye to your family with tears feeling like it is going to be ages before you see them again.
Then you arrive at the Missionary Training and you are FED LIKE KINGS and are pretty comfortable. All the other missionaries/tributes are there and you get to work learning how to survive out in the field. Your new missionary clothes are all shinny and clean.
Too soon the time at the MTC is up and you are picked up to be taken to your mission. You have no idea where youre gonna end up, in a town? Country? Seaside? Island off the coat? It could be anywhere within your area! You arive and are assigned to you area. Wheny ou get tehre you make allies and give everything that you have to the work. Letters from people back home arive in the mailbox like those parcels that fall from the sky in the movie and it is like the biggest blessing.
Every now and again the cannon goes off and you hear that someone went home (Not coz they died though haha), maybe they got sick or injured or didnt want to do it anymore, or maybe their time came to an end. They generally leaev you with all their stuff so thats a bonus coz were so poor haha.
Then it is time to go home, you survived! You go home with tattered clothes and shoes and are greeted with honor. Everyone has new expectations of who you are the strength that you have emocionally and especially spiritually. 


 Unlike the hunger games though, we serve a mission because although we know it is hard we know that it is worth it. We CHOOSEto serve a mission and would choose it all over again. Because the miracles we see are better than any of the tough times that we face and the one person who youre able to help learn this amazing truth is better than the 100 people who reject you. We are promised blessing for ourselves and our families and we can see it before we have barely even begun the mission. The people that we help, the companions that we have and friends that we make are to be in our hearts for ever. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY, even though it is a battlefield out here.

This week was crazy! We got locked out of our house on tuesday which was a little funny nd a little sad. The gate was broken and we couldnt get in! We had to sit and wait for someone to come and fix. The repareman brought his daughters with him and they wanna be missionaries when the grow up so we let them wear our badges and they were super happy!

We rescued a kitte! But we arent allowed pets which is like the saddest rule that exists haha. But it is soo cute! A member family has her now and the way the 2 year old thinks it is a toy freaks me out! Her name is Gatitia! (which means little cat- Original I know haha)

We had companionship exchanged, I had to have 24 hours without Hermana Orgill which was sad coz we are BFFL now. But the trainer to came with me said that she had nothign to tell me I could improve on and that she is going to tell president that I should be made a trainer next transfer. I hope not though, coz I wanna stay with Hermana Orgill.

Chuch was crashed durring the sacrement on sunday by a totally drunk guy that wandered in off the street, walked right up to the pulpit and interupted the bishops speach to try and sell some vegetables.... it was probably the most halarious and also most embarassing thing that has happened yet haha. We had a family with us who are investigating the church and we wre just sitting there like, "How do we even explain this?" haha. But they understood haha.

Hermana Orgill and I had a halarious day today, we had bana chocolate chip pancakes for lunch and then went to have a siesta but ended up talking for 2 hours.
 I kinda broke the curtain and she got it on camera falling on me we used the curtain as a superhero cape for a while  (shout out to Elder Turner) and then managed to fix it haha. 

I hope that you all are well!! Time is flying! In like 3 months I will be 21! If you wanna send me a card (rememebr they are like those presents from the sky in Hunger Games) then you probably wanna send it now. It will take a month to get here and then we only see the people who recieve our mail every 6 weeks!

Love you all loads,

Hermana Wilson

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