Monday, 20 April 2015

I love Olmos!

Hey Peoples!!

I dont have much time to write, but here is a few bits cut from emails to my family.

This week was amazing! 

There is a family here, The Cristobal family, that we are teaching that are just amazing, they call us their Gaurdian Angels and feel so honoured when we visit. We went to visit them for lunch today, they live in a one room shackbut they went all out to make it tidy and pretty for us. They had crates for chairs but covered them in blankets and they had flowers on the table and cooked us a roast. We felt so bad, the food they prepared for us probably cost them all they had for the week. The even kept their kids home from school so that they would be there to listen to our message and eat with us. They are the family that have the green house and always send us home with vegetables. I gave the mum this NZ straw hat and she was so excited about it. 
It really makes one think about how lucky we are to have all the things that we have, and makes one realise that those materialistic things arent nessasary for true happiness, this family are so happy with their life, the family is super poor but they are all really close. They can eat from the greenhosues and they feel so lucky to have that. The daughter Angie is so sweet, she thinks we are her big sisters. I wish you guys could meet these people theyre so kind and so genuine. 

My companion is great, we laugh a lot because I have been very clumbsy lately, I fall all the time!! But she literally an over a dog on her bike the other day, so that was pretty funny haha. 

I am excited because in 3 weeks it will be mothers day and I can talk to my family!!! I am going to cry, I miss them loads.

And I miss you all too! I love you all so so much and I hope that everything is going well for each one of you!

Hermana Wilson

Photos: Lunch with a family. Kinda fell asleep durring our prayer last night. My super cool companion and I haha

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