Monday, 13 April 2015

Fwd: I have been here almost 6 weeks!! cant believe it!

Hola everyone from the hot and humid Argentina!

I see miracles every day! I love my job as a missionary, it is so rewarding. I am really loving it here in Olmos now too, things are good! The first while was really hard, I was homesick and everything was different. But you know what is the same THE STARS!! An automatic reaction for me when I would go outside at night in NZ, was to look at the stars, here the stars are the same, I see the southern cross and remember my favourite country in the world and think of all the people there that I love.
Now that I know and love the members and we have found 8 more people to teach since I arrived, I am just loving it. Even though it is the hardest thing I have every done, I am so honored to wear the name Jesus Christ and the name Wilson above my heart. This work blesses peoples lives more than I ever knew, even knowing how much it blessed me.
 Only 2 more weeks with my companion and she will be off home and I will have a new trainer and have to teach her the area. Good thing I like it here because I have at least 3 more months here, maybe 6 more.

Today we had a Zone activity in the park in the city. It was loads of fun, we chatted, played silly games and I got to spend the whole day in normal clothes, it was great haha. Hanging with all the missionaries is really fun, and I get to speak english a bit which isnice haha

Other than this things are petty normal in the missionary life. This week was sooooooo HOT! I was dying. You guys should see my super missionary tan lines. I dont burn here, just tan and get more freckles. But I am always sticky and sweaty which is kinda gross. Plus the mosquitos dont care ho9w much replent I wear, they just eat me alive!! It is pure torture, I dont know how to stop it! My companion is fine, they love my kiwi blood!
We had a few days without our bikes because first my tire punctured and then Hermana Ramos.....I will never complain about riding a bike again! The breeze we get and the spead we have on the bikes stops us getting to hot. Walking around for hours is pure torture!

I have some cool photos to send but we are in La Plata for the activity, so prepare yourselves for a bombardment of photos next week!

Thank you all for your support, love and emails!

Love you all,

Hermana Wilson

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