Monday, 4 May 2015

A wet and cold week in Olmos!

Hey Everyone!

This week was a tough one! Basically everything that could go wrong and everything that could bring us down did! It was a week of testing!

It was so cold! Like FREEEEEEEEEZING!!! Durring the night even with the heater I thought i was gonna freeze, and it isnt even winter yet! (Shout out to my mummy who made me back thermals!) 
It rained so much that some of the streets flooded and we just got soaking wet whenever we left. We kinda made the most of that though, it was sort of halarious how we looked wearing so much clothing and with really old ugly clothes on that we didnt care would get covered in mud. -Gotta love dirt roads on bikes!

I inherited some clothes from a sister who finished her mission, and she inherited them from someone who inherited them from someone. We call these clothes our "etcheverry clothes" because etchevery is where all the roads are mud and where we teach people in the middle of their vegetables fields in the mud haha. We actually look like nuns in these clothes. I will attach a photo of my maroon etchevery skirt and I. Seriously though, that skirt is so comfortable, its like having a giant blanket!
Because of the rain we missed  LOT of appointments with investigators because we cannot go to etcheveryy in the rain because its too dangerous to bike down the main road in the rain and then it is all flooded and muddy. I was really upset about that, had a little cry about it coz I was tired and frustrated! hahaha. Then! That same day we had a blackout.... no power in the whole town, so we had to go home as soon as it was dark because there were not street lights and we were too scared to be outside. Then the next day about 20 minutes on bike away from our flat my bike tire punctured! And we had to walk pushing it all the way to the bike store, which took 40minutes longer than normal......

But Sunday was a great day at church and really cheered us up! Plus next sunday is the dedication of the Argentina Cordoba Temple! So we get to go watch that and we are really excited!
Today our district came to Olmos and we made pizzas and wacthed the Disney mocie Mulan, which I loved! My district is awesome! Elder Doddema is a real softy, he is so lovely. And he cried durring Mulan hahahahaa! We all felt "trunky" (homesick in missionary language) when Mulan was reunited with her father haha.

Love you all!

Was great to hear from so many of you this week!

Hermana Wilson

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