Monday, 18 May 2015

My First Move :O

Hey All!

This week I officially finished my training, I now have my full missionary liscence haha (litterally, my companion made me one haha!) That means I have one less hour of study and everyone have much higher expectations of me too! 

The Assistants to the President called on Saturday to tell my companion that she would be training a new companion and I would be going to Lanus, about 3 hours away! We were gutted! We only got one transfer together, and we get along so well and the next three weeks we have a lot of baptisms, so we were kinda sad that I am going to miss seeing the people I started teaching get baptised, but this is how it is in the mission. I am glad they are taking this step even if I wont be there to see it. 

Lanus is the complete oposite from Olmos. It is the city, right near the capital, Buenos Aires and jsut around the corner from the Mission President (Pressure much!). My companion is from Idaho USA and is super nice, we are gonna get along really well I am sure. But I will also only have one transfer with her, because hse has been here 3 transfers and no one stays longer than 4. So ill have to say goodbye to her in 6 weeks! I am going to have had a lot of companions in my first few months! 
 Our flat is brand new and really nice, we have a balcony and lots of space. But it is in the 3rd floor and carry my cuitcases up there was a nightmare! We dont have bikes here, I am gonna miss my bike! I just learnt to bike really well with no hands haha.
 Lanus is part of the Buenos Aires South mission so that means I wont have to change mission president which is nice, but the majority of the missionaries that I know and that I was in the Missionary Training Centre with are going to be in the East mission, so that is really sad. But Ill see them all again one day. 

Saturday we went to watch the cultural event for the dedication of the Argentina Cordoba Temple, we took some of our investigators and had a great time. There was loads of latin dances and it was so appropriate the happiness that was felt. All of the members of the church in Argentina Celebrating the dedication of the new House of The Lord. Every one was so happy!
The next day we went to the dedication. It was a sacred and incredible experience, I really enjoyed listening to apostles talking to each other like normal friends and joking around while they put the final bit of cement on the temple! It was amazing! President Uctdorf (from the first presidency of the church) was there to do the dedication and Elder Cristopherson (apostle) was there also- he speaks spanish like a native, i was shocked, I didnt even know! He speaks better than all of us, it was amzing. It was great to have been able to see a temple dedicated, I may not get the oportunity to see it again. It was a special weekend for Argentina. This temple will bless millions of families!

I hope that you are all well! I love you all!

Most of the photos taken this week were on my companions camera and she hasnt sent them to me yet, but here are a few. One was on the way to the Temple Dedication with a member Lilly and the other is me saying goodbye to Dominga and Mirta, two members who I have seen really change their lives since I arrived. I am gonna miss them!!

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