Monday, 11 May 2015

Most embarassing moment yet... Changes... I GOT TO SEE MY FAMILY!

Hey All!!

This week was awesome! We were teaching loads every day, which is always the best kind of week.
Hermana Orgill and I are really hoping that we dont get tranfered next monday (it is tranfers) because we are a machine together and get along really well. If we stay together this transfer it means that we will be moving missions. I will be moving to the Buenos Aires East misison because this area is going to become part of the new mission that is being formed. It also means that we could be companions for a long time, because once the new mission is formed the new mission president is not going to make any changes for a few transfers (each transfer is 6 weeks) because he will be evaluating the mission and settling in. So fingers crossed that we stay together and become "eternal companions" haha. 
But anything could happen at this point, lots of people are being randomly moved, and some sent for extra training, others are being moved who have only been in their area for one transfer and others are staying in the area even though they have been there 6 months already. Also 11 areas are being shut down and loads of new areas being opened. Lots of us are going to be doing "whitewash" which means two missionaries who dont know the area get sent there and basically have to start from scratch knowing no one. Its hard work.
Our zone leader got pulled from our area to train to be one of the Assitants to the new President of the East mission. He had only been in his area 4 weeks. We were sad to see him go, he was awesome!

In my next email youll know what is to become of me :-/

MY EMBARASSING MOMENT: So something horrible happened this week... We are sitting in the middle of a lesson. We were teaching a family in their green house, sitting on wooden crates. We had just asked them "what role does God play inyour lives?" when I turned around and saw that the dog had its leg up as if it was going to pee on my bac. I tried to jump up and slipped and landed in the mud. My companion is like "what are you doing?" and I pull my lovely beige coat off and the dog had peed down the back of it! WHAT THE HECK! We were all dying of laughter and it was kinda hard to get back to a deep spiritual topic after that!! We wash our clothes by hand, but luckily a member offered to wash my coat in her machine. I cannot believe that even happened!

On Saturday I got to skype my family for mothers day! It was so nice to see their faces. but also hard, because it means that the next time I see their faces will be in 7 months time at Christmas! I will be 21! Time flies though, in no time at all I will be seeing them . We were feeling a little depressed after skyping our families, so today we ate ice cream and watched Mulan 2. It is awesome that we are allowed to watch Disney movies! We felt much better after that and are ready to get back to work. 

Thank you all for all your love and support, I miss you all a lot!

Love Hermana Wilson

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