Monday, 28 December 2015

Fwd: Merry Christmas!!!

This week went super fast because we have so much going on! Im just gonna talk about a few highlights..

We had our ward christmas party and they made Chicken Asado which is really typical Argentine, its was really nice! The kids did the nativity play and I almost died of the cuteness!

Sunday we had the Stake Christmas Choir event. There were three Choirs, one of the Choirs was a group of doctors and they obviously didnt get the memo about it being a christmas thing coz they sung some really strange songs, I ws dying of laughter! One of the went like this (in english) "Kitty in the belly that doesnt have a neck, meow meow meow!" Yeah it was the strangest experience ive had in the chapel haha. The other two choirs were beautiful, one was a Christian Choir from Buenos Aires and the other the Adrogue Stake choir, both were amazing!

This week we will be celebrating Christmas with all the other Sisters in the Zone and 4 from another zone, with a mega sleepover party! Were gonna have Christmas dinner together and watch disney movies all night haha.

Tomorrow we have Zone Christmas with president and Hermana Thurgood and 2 of their children who are over from the states, we are gonna watch Christmas movies, have lunch and make cookies! I am way excited! 

We have been having a lot of success talking with people about Christmas, yesterday we talked to 40 people in the street! 

I have asked myself this year about the Christmas Spirit, which really is the Spirit of Christ. How even the most hard hearted of nonbelievers feel something special in this time of year. Some would say it is the parties, time off work, decorations, food or gifts, but I dont think that most people are that shallow. I dont think that the special feelings most people feel come from such materialistic things, but perhaps they express their feelings with these things. I think it comes from the knowledge our very souls recognise that Jesus Christ was born bringing hope and salvation to us all. We meet with our friends and family and perhaps we can feel that holy truth that these relationships, because of Jesus Christ, do not have to end with this life. They can continue through all eternity. 

I hope that you all have a fantastic Christmas, that you enjoy this special time of year!!

Love to you all Hermana Wilson

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