Monday, 7 December 2015

Sleep overs with my Hija! (Daughter)

This week began with a fantastic PDay! We watched Frozen in the mission offices and it was so funny because EVERYONE knows the words to all the songs, one of the newbie, Elder Nixon sang "Love is an open door" in duet with Hna Mitchell, President Thurgoods secretary and Hna Thurgoods sister! It was halarious! When Elder Nixon asked Hna Mitchell to marry him Elder Mitchell saids: "Well okay then!" it was really funny . We watched it in English and then in spanish haha.

Tuesday night Hna Rodriguez, my little daughter who know has 6 months in the mission, stayed over coz we live near the temple and her zone went to the temple, and she stayed again on thursday to go to immigrations! It was halariously awesome, we had a great time naturally. She is going to be in NZ for a while in 2017 so thats gonna be great!

Our awesome investigator Saucedio is doing great! He´s gona from 20 cigarettes a day to 5 a day in about 2 weeks. He went 5 days without smoking but haf a bit of a relapse, but he is doing so well!! He is inviting evreyone to his baptism on the 19th!

This week I met a sweet heavenly soul, a three month old called Lautaro who just spent the whole hour we were in his grandmas house staring at me and laughing, it was the cutest thing!

And well that is my week, pretty normal really! Tomorrow I am going to the temple to meet up with some friends who are over from NZ, I am rally excited! 

Love you all! Hope you are letting the Christmas spirit bring peace to youre lives and not getting toooooo caught up the the less important materialistic side of Christmas :)

Hermana Wilson

P.S No photos this week

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