Monday, 28 December 2015

Happy New Year!!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! My Christmas was great, but it didnt feel like Christmas at all, more like a nice party haha

Tuesday we had our Zone Christmas, we made Christmas cookies which was really funny since I am the only one in the zone that knows how to cook haha. The funny bit was when the elders would not have enough flour in the mix and be trying to cut cookies with a really sicky dough or the Peruen Elder who kneeded his like bread for like 30mins straight haha. 
President Thurgood and Hermana Thurgood and 3 of their children came and gave us chocolate and American candy that her kids had bought with them, they sung to us too, it was really lovely!

Christmas Eve I was able to skype with my family for a while and slept with the other Sisters in their apartment, it was really fun, we watched a few disney movies, my favourite that we saw was Big Hero 6, I cried, guess I am not used to seeing movies coz I got really emotional in all of them haha.

 I spent the whole night and early hours of the morning chatting with my daughter Hermana Rodriguez who was there as well, I also met my granddaughter which was cool, shes from Utah and is really lovely! Hermana Rodriguez´dad has just been called as the mission President for the Bolivia Santa Cruz mission which is super cool! For those who dont know a mission president is not something you apply to be, you are offered the oportunity by the Authorities of the church and it is 3 years being in charge of all the missionaries and missionary work in the assigned area. It´s a huge honor and blessing!
We were obedient missionaries and got up at 6:30am even though we didnt go to bed until 3am.... When I say get up I mean that we got up and then all fell back to sleep, until we recieved a phone call at 9am... and who was it you may ask? PRESIDENT THURGOOD! :"goodmorning Hermanas! I am going to be at your appartment in 30mins to collect the chairs that I lent to you." ..........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive never seen 8 girls get ready so quickly! President knew I am pretty sure that we had all just gotten up haha

Christmas Day we had lunch with some members, it was really nice! 

I am looking forward to new year! A New Year is a great time to make goals to be a little better. A lot of the time we set goals like: Eat healthy, stop biting my nails, exersize, less computer time, new job, studies ect ect, but I think even better goals are things like, being more patient, less judgemental, helping others more,being more compationate, more forgiving.
In church sunday a women spoke about being more tollerant and I really loved the message that she shared. 
Something I have realised in my life my even more in the mission is the simple fact that people ARE going to let us down, they are going to fail us sometimes. We need to stop thinking that everyone SHOULD be perfect and show more compassion and be more forgiving. We all need to take a look in the mirror and ask if sometimes we have failed someone too, failed ourselves and I think that we would find ourselves being much more understanding to those around us. Im not saying that we should let others treat us badly, but we could all be less judgemental, more accepting and more forgiving. 
I think about Jesus Christ who even while being tortured to death on the cross prayed that The Father would "forgive them, for they know not what they do." Even if you arent religious or dont believe in Jesus Christ as the son of God, we would all be better people if we followed the example of that Jesus Christ of which the New Testament teaches.  

This year I am going to be working on being much more like Jesus Christ!

I love you all and I wish you all the very best for 2016, it is a year of changes and miracles, I can just feel it!

Hermana Wilson

Cookie making!
A family here named their dog after me, they know I dont like dogs, they thought it´d be halarious to call their dog Wilson haha Iv gotta admit he´s kinda cute!

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