Monday, 14 December 2015

Temple, Kiwis, Transfers and Melting to Death! OH and I am a Granny!


The coolest thing about this week was meeting up with Michael and Darryl, some friends from New Zealand and taking a trip to the temple together! I realised that my NZ accet really doesnt exist anymore sadly! It was completely foreign to me to hear them talk! We had a great time and my awesome Mummy sent me Vegemite, Milo, Christmas decorations and a singing Rudolph! Oh and a really pretty top! 
We haf a great time catching up anf sharing a lovely time together in the gardens of the House of The Lord. 
I also bumped into Elder Jara who began the mission with me who is now in the BA East mission, he was at the temple with his ward!

This week its been about 35degrees and I am melting! Its not cool! Its also super humid so it feels much hotter! We have bikes which makes it cooler because theres a breeze but the helmets are horrible, my hair is all sweaty and messy and i´m all red faced and just like "Hi I am a representative of Jesus Christ........." haha But I am probably sweating off the mountains of Christmas food I am eating! #Bonus!

Hna Llanquinao and I really enjoyed our last week together, we were so hot yesterday while she was packing that we just ended up throwing buckets of water over each other and dancing around outside haha. Iam going to miss my little Chilean! Buuuut..... I have recieved another Chilean! Hermana Latoja (Said: La-To-ha), she is about as small as Hna Llanquinao and arrived with her to the mission, so basically nothing has changed haha. She is great! We have been together 4 hours and we get along great haha. Ive heard lots of lvoely things about her so hopefully we will have as much fun as me and my other companions and work EVEN HARDER! 

I AM A GRANNY!! My beautiful daughter Hermana Rodriguez is going to be training, she is really freaking out but she is going to be a great Mami! If i could train with 4.5 months in the mission then she can train with 6 months! Im proud of her!

Our whole zone is different now, we have had a lot of changes. Our new zone leader is Eldre Colman who was in the missionary training centre with me, so I am really pleased to have him around again, the zone leaders are in our area so we get to work a bit with them. And our new district leader is Elder Tobler who was with me in Banfield and is awesome so thats great! All the other newbies are cool too, which is good coz our zone is the best! 

Temple with Michael and Darryl
My teddies haha
All my agendas, each one except the first one represents 6 weeks in the mission
Hna Latoja and I

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