Monday, 15 June 2015

Hot Chocolate, Flies in the Nose and Moroni The Dog!

This week was one of the craziest weeks of my misión!
We got stood up for a lot of our appointments but we have 3 new investigators so that is really nice!
On wednesday night our apartment bell buzzed at 9:30pm and we went down stairs and opened the door and the whole Senlle family were there, all wrapped in scarves and coats and holding a big pot of hot chocolate and a bag of sponge fingers and these amazing cooking pie things called Alfajores! It was one of the cutest and nicest things that has happened to me on my misión! I love this family! It is just the Little things like that which really make a missionarys day. We were hyper as from the suger and so grateful that we have made an oficial Spoilt The Missionaries Day. When we get back june 10th we are going to take treats to the missionaries in our área. haha
The next day we Heart Attacked the Senlle´s house, it was super fun ahha.
On Friday we had our zone conference, it was the coldest day I have experienced and we were stuck in a huge and cold room, so the misión presidents wife sent the assistants to go and get blankets and we all snuggled under the blankets durring the conference. It was a really bitter sweet conference, because in a month the misión is going to Split into 2 different missionas, so some of the people at the conference we wont see again and wont have President Thurgood and Hermana Thurgood as their misión parents. Because of that they gave us all a Buenos Aires South Misión Pin and the Hermanas got to give President and hug and the Elders got to give Hermana Thurgood a hug. It was kinda weird to hug a guy haha.
The conference gave me the spiritual boost that I needed, I left there spirutually fed and ready to work!
One really funny moment this week was when my companion totally botched a prayer and prayed that we wouldnt have any more flies in our noses.... that was pretty awkward especially when I started laughing hysterically in the middle of the prayer! I couldnt help it!!
The MOST exciting thing of the week.... WE HAVE A DOG! Saturday we were walking from the outskirts of our área to the chapel and this tan labrodor started following us! He followed us for half an hour! We reached the chapel and we obviously shut him out, but when we came out 30mins later he was there waiting for us and followed us the rest of the day. At first it was super cute and funny, we called him Moroni Sergio Lanus, but the problema is that he is HATED in the city by ALL the other dogs, and we have a lot of dogs in our área! All the dogs run up to him and grow at him and want to fight him and he hides between our legs! He waited outside all the lessons for us!  We didnt know what to do coz he follows us everywhere so we went to the Bishops house and the bishop played with him and tried to distract him and hold him back and we got about 3  blocks away when turn and see the dog sprinting for us! He ran 3 blocks and continued following us! He imprinted on us! We got kinda lost as to what to do so we called our distrct leaders and they didnt answer, then we called our zone leaders and they didnt answer, so we called the asistants to the president. In hindsite that was a really weird and embrassing thing to do, but we were freaked out and didnt know where to take the dog. Secretely we were kinda hoping theyd let us keep him. But they told us to get on a bus and ditch him. We decided we would do that after we had first taken a photo of him, so we went to our flat to get our cameras, but when we came back down he was gone.
Then yesterday we are walking in a completely different área and something jumps up on me from behind and guess who it is! MORONI! He was so excited to see us and we were secretly excited to see him too. So he followed us to all the lessons and waited outside again. Maybe he will find us today as well!!
I really REALLY dont like dogs, but this is MY dog and I lvoe him!!
Today we had our district activity and we went bowling, it was really fun, except that I am really bad at bowling. I got  3 strikes and all the rest were 0... hmmmm extremes haha.
Love you all, hope you are all well!!
Sorry for the thesus of an email, I know that anyone who is serving a misión and gets this probably wont read it haha.
Hermana Wilson

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